This is how you find the perfect earrings for work

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Do you love a pair of beautiful earrings? Do you have so many that you can’t choose, or are you someone who needs to add a few more pairs to your collection? In this article, I’ll share how you can find out what your perfect work earrings are. It’s time to take a critical look at your collection…

The basic pair

If you like to wear earrings at work, you need one basic pair. These are usually neutral, subtle, and therefore not too noticeable. That’s why I recommend you choose a pair that is made of one type of metal. Think gold, silver, or steel. If the earrings include stones, it helps if they are also subtle and neutral.

This is how you find the perfect earrings for work

A basic pair of earrings is ideal for those times when you’re in a rush, but still want to look good. They are so simple that they go with everything. This pair makes you look “put together” without being obvious.

The chic version

A second must-have is chic earrings. This is the pair that, like the basic earrings, does not contain many crazy colors or materials. They are slightly bigger and more striking. This makes them the ideal accessory to upgrade your business outfit.

This is how you find the perfect earrings for work

These earrings are ideal when you wear a basic outfit and want to add a statement piece. They are also very handy for work parties.

The matching earrings

Finally, we have the matching earrings. Or the colored version. Everyone has a certain color in his or her closet that often returns. Look for a pair of earrings that incorporate this color. We can do this using, for example, beads, diamonds, or natural stone.

This is how you find the perfect earrings for work

Black is the most important color in my wardrobe. And, I also wear dark colors such as dark red, purple, and dark blue. That is why I have one pair of earrings with a large black Swarovski stone. Because black is my basic color, this pair of earrings goes with almost every outfit.

These earrings are very useful on days when you want to add a little more color to your outfit. They stylishly finish your outfit, without it getting boring.


Earrings are very personal, and that is why I have shown several different examples in this article. But besides taste, you also have to consider safety requirements. Some professions may restrict what earrings you can wear. Some companies have certain dress codes that you also have to consider. In short: don’t just consider your own taste, but also your profession and dress code.



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