The Guide to Pantyhose etiquette at work

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Pantyhose is a delicate subject. I personally have a love hate relationship with pantyhose. Finding a good pair of pantyhose is an art, combining them to make the perfect outfit even more so. Time for a chat with etiquette expert Anne-Marie van Leggelo on the delicate subject of pantyhose etiquette at work. Or pantyquette as it is better known 🙂

The Guide to Pantyhose etiquette at work


What is the best pantyhose to wear for work?

”On formal occasions, it is best to opt for skin color, black or anthracite pantyhose. With skin-colored pantyhose, it is very important that they match your natural skin color. There is nothing as tacky as a pair of dark brown legs on an otherwise pale body. So, pay close attention. The thickness is also important. In formal business dress code, pantyhose should not be thicker than 30 denier and should be as matt as possible. In fact, your legs should not attract any attention.”


And what should ladies be looking out for when wearing black or anthracite pantyhose?

 ”If you choose black or anthracite pantyhose it is  important that they are not too thick. The skin should shine through. With this in mind, I would also advise not to go higher than 30 denier. A pair of thick pantyhose can have the added effect of making your legs look chunkier than they are. 

Always pay attention to the full picture, the darker the outfit the darker your pantyhose can be, the shoes you are wearing also play an important part. In the business world never wear shoes that are lighter than your pantyhose, this creates a kind of color blocking effect which is not appropriate. Of course, for casual wear, you can combine as you like.”


What are the etiquette rules around color and print pantyhose?

”Colour and print pantyhose shouldn’t really be worn to work. At least not if you are working in a formal environment. I wouldn’t recommend wearing any color apart from nude, black or anthracite. If you really want to wear pantyhose with a print just make sure it is subtle.

For example, you could wear a pair with a small diamond or herringbone pattern, this can only be seen close up. But I don’t recommend it, pantyhose with a pattern can look sexy and this is not appropriate in a business environment, as mentioned attention should never be drawn to your legs.”


Do you have any more tips to share with us? Do’s and don’ts?

”Always make sure you have a spare pair of pantyhose with you. Nothing is as ugly as a ladder in your pantyhose. I also advise you to pay attention to the seam and try and opt for a seam free waistband. Sometimes the waistband can be thick, making it uncomfortable and it tends to show through your clothes. Not a nice look so pay close attention.”

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  1. Love this article . I wear pantyhose not only because they are required but I have loved them since trying them for first time when I was seven years old. Here over 50 years later love for them is better than ever . Get many compliments for many years and many looks .

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