Work wear and business fashion news update – October 2019

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Curious to hear everything that happened last month concerning work wear, uniforms and corporate fashion? New collections, trends, interviews, leaked prices and much more? In that case you clicked on the right article. This is the work wear and business fashion news update.

Work wear and business fashion news update – October 2019

Corporate Fashion

  • Corporate fashion trends – Yahoo Lifestyle discussed 7 fashion trends in one article, including how to wear them in a formal way.

  • Interview with corporate fashion designers – Morning Brew published an interview with Amy Jiang and Showly Wang. These ladies founded Pairess, a corporate clothing brand for women who don’t like visiting dry cleaners too often and for women who need pockets.

  • Colorful office clothing – Influencer Becca Tilley collaborated with Macy’s to design a collection for businesswomen who want to look colorful and stylish.

  • Indian corporate fashion label – Times of India published an interview with Dipti Tolani, a woman making corporate fashion accessible for Indian women, by creating the label Salt Attire.

  • Halloween costumes at work – Ladders published an article about things to keep in mind when showing up in a Halloween costume at work.   


Functional work wear & uniforms

  • Belgian prison guards on strike – Employees of the Turnhout prison have gone on strike. One of the reasons is that they have hardly received any work clothes for years.   

  • Fristads wins award – Work wear manufacturer Fristads has won the Red Dot Award for their sustainable clothing line Fristads Green.

  • New work pants – Last month, Snickers added several new work pants to their collection. The pants contain more four-way stretch and are available for both men and women.

  • New, shiny aprons – Chaud Devant, a brand focusing on work wear in the hospitality industry, launched the Velvet collection in October. It contains four colorful aprons, all made of velvet.

  • New uniforms Albert Heijn – This month, it was leaked in the news that supermarket chain Albert Heijn (the Netherlands) is working on new uniforms. Once again, blue will be the most important color, interspersed with orange elements.
  • National Opera collaborating with Claes Iversen – The staff of the National Opera and Ballet (the Netherlands) will get new uniforms, designed by fashion designer Claes Iversen.  

  • New suit for NASA – For a trip to the moon and Mars, NASA launched two new suits: the Orion Crew Survival System Suit and the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU).

  • Remarkable news – As a joke, an American police officer decided to wear a wig during his last week at work. His act was not appreciated, and he got fired after 20 years of service.


Do you have interesting news about corporate fashion, uniforms or work wear? Please contact me at and perhaps it will be included in the next news update.  




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