How to: wear retro clothing at work

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Do you also love retro clothes but have no idea how to put an outfit together? Not sure where to buy retro clothes and which style is suitable for work? Do not fear help is here! Retro clothing expert Kiran reveals all!

How to: wear retro clothing at work



What is your favorite business outfit and why?

“My favorite outfit is a sheath dress because this is so easy to throw on in the morning. Dress on, matching shoes and you’re done! It is also very practical, especially during the cold winter days, as a pencil dress or skirt retains more heat than a wide dress. The ‘twin set’ is also a favorite of mine for the same reason. This consists of a skirt with a matching blazer. Also practical for the colder spring days and first days of autumn, as you need not wear a jacket. And, with a few simple tweaks, you can easily turn this into an evening outfit when you have plans after work.”


Which retro style do you think is suitable for work and which is not?

“There are many different styles and I think they are all suitable or can be made suitable for the business environment. I always make sure that dresses and skirts reach to the knee and that garments are not too tight. The classic 1940s and 1950s styles are definitely suitable for work. Think classic suits or A-line dresses and skirts with an accentuated waist. And clothing inspired by the early 1960s is also great. Think Jackie O. and the clothes in the Mad Men series.

The bohemian style from the late sixties and early seventies is also nice, especially in the fall when paired with boots and a large hat. The hat also comes in handy when it rains.

The pin-up style is also appropriate. This style is very feminine, with tight pencil dresses and skirts that accentuate the female shape. For work, I combine a pencil skirt with a loose blouse or top, I also have pencil dresses and skirts that are specifically for business environments.”


Where do you buy your clothes?

“I mostly buy my dresses and skirts from retro webshops in the Netherlands and England. A well-known retro webshop is Collectif Clothing. Here you will find clothes inspired by the fifties and sixties. Miss Candyfloss has clothing based on the 1940s and 1950s. In addition to these, there are many more retro webshops in the Netherlands, the best known are Succubus and Topvintage. Both have a wide range of various retro brands.


How to: wear retro clothing at work
How to: wear retro clothing at work
How to: wear retro clothing at work

I regularly buy tops, cardigans, and matching earrings at Mango, Only, C&A, and H&M. They often have tops and accessories that go perfectly with retro looks inspired by the fifties and sixties.

In my photos, you can see that I combine retro garments with non-retro items. Except for the red top with dots, all tops in the photos in this article come from Only (both black/white print tops), C&A (orange / brown top), and H&M (yellow and white top).”


What advice would you give to people who would also like to dress a little more retro for work?

“I would recommend you first think about a specific style that you really like. If there is a specific style or there are several styles, starting looking at the colors and prints that are used.

In the business world, the usual colors are gray, blue, black, and white. So, for example, swap the blouse you would normally wear for a blouse with a print that appeals to you, such as polka dots. And combine this with your everyday trousers. If you like this, you can go further. For example, if you like the fifties style, but the sheath dress style does not suit you. Then go for a nice A-line dress or skirt and combine it with a plain blouse.

As you get used to a certain style, you can start to get a little more adventurous with it. The most important thing is to feel great in the clothes, this radiates confidence. In this respect, an outfit is not just clothing, it also reflects a part of your personality. And can be crucial when going for a new assignment, a presentation, or a job interview. Especially in the business world where first impressions count and clothes play an important role. ”

Need more inspiration? Check out Kiran’s blog Oriental Spice and some Chocolate.




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  1. Wearing retro clothing according to the situation makes our attire look much appealing among all others. The tips on how to wear retro clothing at work that you have shared will make our personality look more appealing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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