Beautiful flight attendant uniforms that you rarely see

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Flight attendant uniforms are one of the most fascinating. Elegant, feminine, professional, and yet they are all so different. I spoke with Cliff Muskiet (working for KLM) , the world’s largest collector of airline uniforms, about his passion.

He told me there are many airlines with wonderful uniforms that we rarely get to see because, for example, they only have domestic flights. The chance that you will board one of these flights is relatively small.

Beautiful flight attendant uniforms that you rarely see
Photo: Turkish Airlines

Beautiful flight attendant uniforms that you rarely see

I was immediately curious. Which beautiful uniforms have we not seen? For this Prettybusiness World exclusive, Cliff selected ten airlines with the most beautiful uniforms.


1. S7 Airlines

The Russian airline S7 has opted for bright blue suits with white and lime green detailing. These are difficult colors that will not compliment everyone, but they are certainly original and fresh.


2. Sichuan Airlines

Chinese Sichuan Airlines has chosen dark red and black. I think this is a beautiful and powerful combination. The red lipstick and black beret complete this look.


3. Xiamen Air

Another Chinese airline and a totally different uniform. During ‘normal’ flights, the ladies wear blue dresses with black details. But for certain flights, they opt for satin dresses with embroidered flowers, that immediately looks a lot more exclusive!


4. Privilege Style Airlines

The uniform worn by the Spanish Privilege Style Airlines attendants is one of my favorites. They are a splendid example of how clothes can look elegant in a simple way. Love it!


5. Avianca

Colombian Avianca has opted for bright red suits. They are really striking! But despite the beautiful bright color, I think they missed an opportunity. The model of the uniform is very simple and looks a bit conservative. A more modern style could make the beautiful color even more vibrant.


6. Thai Smile

Thai Smile Airlines is daring in their experimentation with color, different fabrics, and models. The combination of pink, purple, and orange is very daring, but it works. The overall look is not very businesslike, but it definitely puts you in a holiday mood.


7. Bamboo Airways

Vietnamese Bamboo Airways uniforms use the colors of the famous plant as their inspiration. Light green, combined with brown and off-white, creates a neutral and classic appearance.


8. Hainan Airlines

A few years ago, I wrote a Dutch article about the Hainan Airlines uniform. I love this Chinese collection! It is full of stylish, cultural, and subtly colored elements. It is like watching a fashion show. What more do we want?


9. Nordstar Airlines

At Russian Nordstar Airlines, they have opted for a combination of lilac, dark blue, and grey. The first two colors go exceptionally well together. I think the blue skirt works best for the overall look.


10. Turkish Airlines

And now, it is time to shine a light on Turkish Airlines. What a beauty! I have also previously written an article (Dutch) about their uniforms and think their uniforms are so cool! I would not mind having one secretly stashed away in my closet, just for a day at the office. Turkish Airlines and the collection from Hainan Airlines are my absolute favorites. 

What is your favorite? 




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  1. The designer must be from heaven I love those elegant uniforms I wish we had such a uniform in our school….because that uniform is too boring…. and fade…

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