Do antibacterial cabin crew uniforms help against COVID-19?

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The entire world has been busy fighting COVID-19 for months. In addition to the hygiene measures, more and more companies are adjusting the dress codes and company clothing. Keyvan Aviation, a Turkish company, focused on aviation management and aviation fashion, has now come up with a special antibacterial cabin crew uniform.

Antibacterial cabin crew uniform

Although the company does not claim that the uniform protects against COVID-19, the website emphasizes that the substances used actively block the potential for viruses to multiply. Keyvan Aviation claims to have used silver technology, also known as Nano Silver. The fabric keeps its antibacterial properties even after 100 washes at sixty degrees.

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With silver technology, microorganisms such as bacteria do not stick to the fabric for very long. Also, partly because of advanced evaporation technology, the bacteria responsible for perspiration odors do not stand a chance. When you look at the full list of attributes, as shown in the image above, it seems like a brilliant invention. Virus resistant, durable, great fit, comfortable, and so on.

Do antibacterial cabin crew uniforms help against COVID-19?


But is it a brilliant invention, or is the term “antibacterial” trying to take advantage of the current fear surrounding COVID-19? Karen Kolkert, corporate designer, is certainly not very impressed.

“This is not something new. Antibacterial fabrics have been used within the workwear industry for years. Not only in aviation but also, for example, in the livestock farming industry.

However, since the company has not disclosed exactly what silver technology they use, it is difficult to determine the effect on the environment. In some technologies, washing the fabrics causes harmful chemicals to enter the water. That can again be the disadvantage of this technology. ”

Do antibacterial cabin crew uniforms help against COVID-19?

The company has not disclosed exactly how the substances are treated, and this makes it so difficult to judge. Theo Fransen, director of Nanoc BV and specialized in the application of nanocoatings, emphasizes that this technology is not an absolute solution.

Silver Nano is often used to make clothing moisture or dirt resistant. And it can also have an antibacterial effect because the small particles cannot easily stick to the fabric. This is useful for firefighters who come into contact with asbestos or soot particles during their job, the suits can be hosed down. The asbestos and soot particles are easily removed, before being taken into the fire truck where the particles could be inhaled.

But it is not a solution for everything. You cannot call clothes antibacterial because you use such a coating. That would mean that if you spray all hospital employees’ clothes with the coating, no one could get sick. The coating will also deteriorate over time. Think of wrinkles in clothes. This ensures that the antibacterial effect is diminished.“


I can conclude that it is a nice idea and I think it looks good too. Especially as the uniform is available in different colors, depending on the corporate identity of the airline, including matching scarf, pumps, and bag.

But does an antibacterial flight attendant uniform help against COVID-19? Certainly not. Ultimately, it is a matter of responding to developments in the market. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you remain critical.



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