Police officer with a sense of humor sticks ‘passport photo’ on uniform

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Since the start of the corona outbreak last March, healthcare workers have to wear personal protective equipment. To ensure that the care remained personal, some employees stuck a smiling passport photo on their uniform.


Who is caring for me?

The idea behind the photo is to show the person hidden under the mask, glasses, and protective suit. Being in hospital is hard at the best of times, but with coronavirus and care workers being covered head to toe in PPE, the situation is even scarier.

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Police officer with a sense of humor sticks ‘passport photo’ on uniform

Eric van Dommelen, a local police officer in Leiden South, had a similar idea. Since he has been wearing a mouth mask, he too is difficult to recognize at work. Only he added a little twist. Instead of using his own passport photo, he used a photo of actor George Clooney.

He took a photo of his pimped up uniform and posted it on Twitter. His followers – myself included – had a great laugh, and the post soon went viral. He inspired ambulance driver Arie, who in turn stuck a photo of Dries Roelvink on his yellow suit.

I enjoy seeing how people, in these tough times, still try their best to spread some joy and put a smile on people’s faces. All these protective measures are not fun, but together we can make the best out of a difficult situation.




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