Planq makes chairs from old corporate workwear

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Reusing old uniforms and company workwear is mega hip. More and more bags and promotional gifts are being made from it. But crazy as it sounds, it is now also possible to make chairs and even tables from old workwear. Say what? Yes, and it is already a roaring success.

Photo: Planq

The Creation

Two brothers, Dennis and Anton Teeuw, came up with this idea. As former architecture students, they both knew that they wanted to do something with interior design. The increasingly enormous mountain of waste left over by the textile industry caught their attention, so they did something about it.


Photo: Planq |left: Dennis – right Anton

Their company Planq supplies office furniture which is made from old corporate clothing, amongst other things.


How do they make it

When I look at the photos of the chairs and tables, I can hardly believe it. How can you turn something as flexible as fabric into a sturdy chair? When I asked Anton, a whole new world opened up for me. “The fibers of textiles are extremely strong. But to use it in furniture, we must first break them down. That is why the old company clothing goes to Frankenhuis, they specialize in the destruction of textiles. ”

Photo: Planq
Photo: Planq

“We then mix the loose fibers that remain with a biodegradable binding agent. This ensures that we can make furniture from it. We have the individual parts made as a composite by a company that specializes in this. Then all parts are attached to each other. It is sustainable and fun at the same time. Because you see the color of the clothing reflected in the furniture. ”



Photo: Planq
Photo: Planq

In 2020, Planq has grown into a busy enterprise that large companies are keen to work with. KLM previously had cabin crew uniforms incorporated into their furniture. And Planq also counts Tommy Hilfiger, ABN Amro, and the OLVG Hospital as clients.

Government agencies have also approached the gentlemen. Large organizations they are proud of, but Anton emphasizes they cannot yet mention names. “The talks are still ongoing,” says the entrepreneur.


Time for a Planq?

Would you also like to see your old corporate clothing reflected in a chair or table? It is possible. For a chair, you pay an average of 350 euros and for a table 1300 euros. There will also be clothes hangers available shortly, but the pricing is not yet available.

I think it is a great initiative. As Anton says, it is sustainable and fun. And that is exactly what we need more of. Let’s make the world a little more beautiful in a responsible way.




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