Specialists within the Dutch Police receive a new uniform

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From next year, the Dutch police uniforms will look different. The new uniforms make a distinction between broadly trained police officers and specialists. But why and exactly who does this apply to? In this article, I’ll tell you all about it.


Broadly trained versus specialist

At the moment, all police officers are easy to recognize in their uniforms. Dark blue with yellow reflective stripes.

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The problem is that not every police officer has the same duties. For example, some are trained in specialized work and not armed. So they cannot act when there is an incident. But the difference between a specialist and a broadly trained agent was not obvious to spot until now. That is why, from next year, specialists within the police will get a new uniform.


Specialists within the Dutch Police receive a new uniform

Gray outerwear for the specialists was the original idea discussed back in 2017. The idea has now changed, and the specialists will wear a jacket similar to the current police jacket in appearance, but with several differences.

Specialists within the Dutch Police receive a new uniform
Photo: Dutch Police


The most noticeable difference is that the yellow fluorescent stripes on the jacket have been removed. And the police logo is now silver instead of fluorescent yellow. No additional research into the issue of visibility has been done, but they believe that visibility is not compromised by the omission of the fluorescent details. The specialists will also have access to the current clothing package that contains a fluorescent jacket, and they can still wear this when necessary.

Another difference is that a name strip is attached to the front and back of the jacket, which shows what position someone holds. It can be removed or replaced when necessary, as it is velcro. Previously, the function was only visible on a bracelet.

Because the current police jacket served as a starting point, no (work clothing) designer was involved in the design. They have designed the adjustments in consultation between the end-users, the technical advisor for the police, and the supplier of the clothing.


Rollout in 2021

Next year, Forensic Investigation employees will be the first team to receive the jacket. It is still unclear which specialists will follow. The communication department has informed Prettybusiness in an email that they are currently investigating which specialists will wear the new jacket. They also mentioned that several specialists may still wear the gray clothing.

I think it is smart that there will now be a distinct uniform for specialists within the police. It is clearer for people on the street to see who holds what position. Moreover, I think the new jacket looks beautiful, business-like and professional.

What do you think of the new plans and the look of the jacket?




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