Suit on! Sharp as James Bond

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When we think of James Bond, THAT SUIT is one of the first things that springs to mind. Not surprising as in every movie he looks amazing in his perfectly tailored suits. But did you know that you too can look this sleek at work? Just as sharp as James Bond, that’s what we all want, right? The good news, you can buy suits from the very first James Bond film online. Back to the year 1962, but timelessly stylish…

Sean Connery, August 25, 1930 – October 31, 2020 – Photo: Pixabay


Suit on! Sharp as James Bond

The wonderful Sean Connery wowed us in the first Bond movie Dr. No. It is the first time we heard the now-famous line‘Bond, James Bond’. At the time Connery was still very young and relatively unknown. For the movie, producer Terence Young had the task of turning the young Connery into a proper gentleman. Terence turned to his tailor, Anthony Sinclair, to help with this transformation. He had a small collection of items made that a gentleman could wear anywhere, anytime.

Ever since Dr. No’s 1962 premiere, Anthony Sinclair’s suave suits have become synonymous with the James Bond character. Connery wore them to every public performance. Even years after Dr. No, Sean Connery still remains the Bond for many. And lucky for us, nowadays you can simply order the suits online via Mason & Sons.

Midnight Blue Suit

Suit on! Sharp as James Bond

The Midnight Blue Suit is a real classic for special occasions. The image above shows the complete suit, but it can also be purchased separately. For the suit you pay €992, the jacket costs €671 (price from 2017, the current price is no longer online) and the trousers €333.

Solid Navy Conduit Cut Suit

This suit is a stylish, basic item for everyday occasions. For this complete suit (trousers, jacket, and waistcoat) you pay €1.103, but you can also dress like James Bond on a tighter budget. The waistcoat cost €272 and for both jacket and trousers you pay €831.

Mid Grey Sharkskin Conduit Cut Suit

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The full suit, including the waistcoat, will cost you €1.103. The trousers and jacket together cost €831, the waistcoat €272.

Women love him! Men want to be him! Okay, be honest gentlemen, you need one of these suits, don’t you?



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