3 Ways to fold your suit for a suitcase

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Travel a lot for work? Having a hard time keeping your suit in shape? Love wearing suit jackets, but hate the wrinkles from your suitcase? Or just curious to learn folding techniques for your clothes? Then this is the right article for you. There are 3 ways to fold your suit for a suitcase.


3 Ways to fold your suit for a suitcase
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 But before I continue, I must confess that I am no expert when it comes to folding clothes. Moreover, I rarely travel nowadays. I hardly fold at home, because most of my clothes are hanging in my closet, on a cloth hanger. This is why I searched the internet for experts who know exactly how your business attire should be folded in your suitcase.


With extra air

In this video, a store clerk shows you the best way to pack your suit. Don’t just fold, but take into account that a suit needs space. This man uses vacuum storage bags to create this space. I personally think this is a great solution. His bag is quite big and you might not have the same kind of bag at home. But with Ikea’s largest zipper bags you can go a long way if you are able to fold all pieces firmly(andperhaps even individually).



It sounds very simple: rolling your clothes. But also for rolling, there are different techniques. The man in this video shows us how to fold a suit jacket without wrinkling the shoulders. Very handy!


Adding a cloth hanger

By far the easiest method is to pack your suit withthe cloth hanger. No complicated folding techniques are required and you’re done in 6 seconds! The only thing is: your suitcase should be at least 65 to 70 centimeters wide, otherwise the hanger won’t fit. But if your suitcase meets these criteria, this method is super useful.


Extra tips

And lastly, I added a video of 3 men who travel a lot. They all demonstrate how they pack their attire and what folding techniques they use. They also share when they pack their clothes, in what location and what factors they take into account. Very enjoyable to watch.

Like I stated before, I hardly travel these days. But when I do, I combine different techniques. I roll most of the pieces and only suit jackets are folded (very carefully). Although I usually wear the jacket on route, because I am afraid it the suitcase will wrinkle it.

 Do you often travel and – if yes – how do you fold your clothes? 




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