Why wearing a suit for a job interview does not guarantee a neat appearance

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We think of suits, both women’s and men’s as giving a professional and neat appearance. It makes sense as a suit quite often looks sleek and professional. But people tend to forget that there is more to looking presentable than just putting on a suit. It is very important when going for an interview not to forget other details. So today this article is about why wearing a suit for a job interview does not guarantee a neat appearance. I will tell you the little details that make you look less sleek and of course how to prevent this.

Why wearing a suit for a job interview does not guarantee a neat appearance
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1.    Far too long or too short trouser legs.

Ill-fitting clothes never look good, but trousers that are too long or too short really stand out.  You might not be aware of it but at a job interview, the interviewer is assessing you fully. He/she wants to know what type of person you are. Not everyone will immediately notice if the legs of your trousers are the right length but often your shoes will be assessed and that is when the length of your trouser legs becomes noticeable. Remember to check the length when buying your suit and if you are not sure if it fits correctly ask a store assistant for help.


2.    Pet hair on your suit

Okay, so this is something I deal with daily.  Not necessarily on a suit but pet hair on my everyday clothes.  At the start of 2016, I wrote an article in Dutch on the subject. Here you can read some tips and tricks on how to deal with pet hair before you leave your house and also what you can do when you arrive at work and realize you are covered in your pet’s hair.


3.    Unkempt beard (for men)

I know a lot of men that grow their beards under the guise that ‘a hipster beard is very modern’.  Well, you have beards and beards.  I must admit that a man with a beard can look very attractive in a suit, but the beard must be groomed.  A long unkempt beard is not suddenly attractive just because it is hip. No, a good beard is at the very least washed and neatly cut. If you want to make sure your beard looks neat and groomed go to your local barber and have it done professionally.


4.    Wet hair (just washed)

You know the type, people who are always in a hurry and frequently arrive at their destination with wet hair. They quickly wash their hair and immediately leave the house. Of course, this is not a deadly sin but you will not look groomed. Especially when going for a job interview it gives a somewhat sloppy and hurried impression. And this can give the impression that you are ill-prepared despite the suit.


Have you worn a suit for a job interview? Which details did you pay attention to?




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