Can your employer make wearing a bra compulsory?

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I think many people women don’t have time to spend primping when getting ready for work. It is a daily choice and one we do automatically. I am taking about bras. But are you really free to choose whether you wear a bra or not? Or has it become so normal that people assume you are wearing one? Can your employer make wearing a bra compulsory?

Can your employer make wearing a bra compulsory?
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Private matter? 

Not a topic I think about on a daily basis, but I have had conversations about underwear at work. This is the type conversation that raises an eyebrow! What you wear under your clothes is your own choice. What you wear is a private matter and surely nobody’s business but yours. This is the general consensus and l get it. If you dress nicely and no one see’s your underwear, then it is nobody’s business what you are wearing under your clothes. Or is it?

It is a sensitive subject. It does not concern anyone, that is, until it becomes visible. You don’t want it to happen but sometimes it does. Just bending to pick something up or stretching to reach a top cupboard and you risk inadvertently showing your underwear. Is it slightly embarrassing? Probably yes. But a complete disaster?  No, I wouldn’t go that far. But the question is what happens when it is obvious that you are not wearing any underwear. Or more to the point, not wearing a bra…


Boundaries in the workplace

A court in Cologne (Germany) has ruled that an employer can implement policies relating to the wearing of underwear in the workplace. The employer also has the right to determine if it should be white or flesh coloured. This ruling followed a complaint by employees at a German security company.  Personally, I think this is an incredible ruling and think it is a little on the edge.  The judge also ruled that wearing nail polish is a personal choice and therefore should not be mandatory. But nail polish is obviously very visible and the wearing or not a bra is less so.

Of course, it varies per woman and bust but I think it is quite a ruling to make it compulsory. I mean there are countless types of breasts and bras. Making a bra compulsory does not automatically ensure a groomed appearance. There are enough bad models on the market that offer lousy support for your breasts. But isn’t this a very personal choice? Especially if your clothes are properly covering your body?

I am curious to hear your opinion. Do you think an employer can make it compulsory to wear a bra or not?



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