Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits

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According to official etiquette, sleeveless shirts are not office appropriate. Because in general, we view them as being unprofessional and the protocol: is outfits should have a sleeve. But of course, some employers do not make an issue of it and turn a blind eye when the weather is hot. And for the ladies with such an employer, this article is for you.

Today I will let you in on a little trick you can use so you will always look presentable when wearing sleeveless outfits.


Outfit 1

Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits

This is an outfit I wore to the office. We currently have issues with the airco at my office, so I have been wearing shirts and dresses without sleeves. Personally, I don’t particularly like this style. I don’t feel very comfortable without sleeves, but on a day when I do not have business appointments with clients, I think baring my arms is ok.

Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits

I never wore sleeveless clothes in my previous job, but in recent months I have been experimenting. I wanted to figure out how I can look presentable without sleeves. I discovered that accessories are the key to making this look office appropriate. I figured out that when you wear a beautiful necklace, attention moves away from your arms and shoulders and, it draws the focus to your neckline.

Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits

To show the difference, I have placed the two photos above next to each other. The photos are exactly the same except in the photo on the right I’ve hidden the pearl necklace and small gold earrings. The difference is relatively small in terms of surface area, but with jewelry, I immediately look more dressed up. And as mentioned above, the bare arms are less noticeable.


Outfit 2

Outfit Aileen Out

You can also apply this trick to outfits that have a sleeve. It pulls your outfit together and dresses it up.

Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits
Outfit Aileen Out

To illustrate this, look at an outfit I wore last week. The only difference between these photos is I took off the accessories for the photo on the right. In this example, it was not only a necklace and earrings but also a belt at the waist. I must also say that the dress falls slightly looser around the waist if worn without a belt.

Ultimately, it is also a matter of taste. Of course, some people love jewelry more than others. But by wearing jewelry, you are generally a bit more covered a bit more and, your outfit looks a bit neater.


Looking presentable wearing sleeveless outfits – extra tips

  • Sunburn: In the summer months when you are wearing sunscreen pay extra attention. In general, sunscreen tends to make your jewelry look dull. The exact reaction depends on the material, but I recommend applying sunscreen and letting it dry before putting on your jewelry.

  • Nude shoes: You might have noticed I was wearing nude color shoes with both outfits. I do this on purpose. Wearing dark or brightly colored shoes adds an additional element to the outfit which can make it look busy.

  • Updo and neat nails: Like every outfit, god is in the details. Styling your hair in a neat updo and making sure your nails are well manicured immediately makes you look more presentable.

Do you wear sleeveless clothes at work and if so, what do you pay attention to?




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