Tricks on the how to dress lighter and still look presentable

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Dressing light and neatly in the summer months is a challenge for many of us. Definitely when it comes to workwear and it is a must. Last week we had a few warm days and, I had to take a critical look at my wardrobe. What could I best wear? In this article, I’ll show you what I’ve been wearing over the past week. I’ll also share with you the tricks I use to make my clothes feel even lighter without looking sloppy.


Outfit 1

I love three quarter length pants. The end of the legs on this type of pants are usually a little looser. There is normally a bit of space for air circulation and in warm weather, this is definitely a benefit. Also, the area around your ankles and feet is bare and in combination with a pair of pumps, this not only looks summery but is very presentable. 

Oh yes, for the ladies who sometimes forget to shave their legs these pants are great. Since only the bottom of your legs is visible your colleagues are unlikely to notice the stubble!


Outfit 2

I really hate the pencil skirt. I often find it way too tight around the legs and especially in the summer this model ensures that you will be feeling even warmer. For this reason, I prefer to wear straight skirts or A-line skirts. These allow for more freedom of movement and feel airy

When it is very hot I combine this with a wide blouse. To emphasize my figure I cinch in my waist with a belt.


Outfit 3

You’ve probably noticed that I am a fan of rolling up my sleeves. I always do this with oversized shirts. But in warm weather, I do the same with tailored sleeves. Nice and airy!

Also nice to wear in warm weather are braces. This might sound illogical as it is an extra piece of elastic on your body. But braces allow you to wear wider pants without having a belt pressing on your stomach or waist. A wider pair of pants kind of floats around your body, nice and airy. I love it!


Outfit 4

Lastly, nothing beats a wide thin cotton blouse with a light t-shirt or cami top underneath. I love this look in the summer. It is very chic and at the same time very light. 

What are your tricks for looking presentable in the hot summer months?




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