Dressing for business when you have a big butt

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We live in an era where large round buttocks are ‘hip’. On social media, we are inundated with images of large behinds combined with narrow waists a la the Kardashians. Of course, we know that this type of figure is the result of a lot of targeted exercise, nutrition and genetics. Or even plastic surgery.

But there are also women blessed with a naturally large bum who do not want to draw attention to it. Certainty not in their work environment. Time for some tips for the big booty girls amongst us!

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Nothing but Love

Firstly I want to emphasize that I certainly do not believe that a big bum should always be disguised. In fact, I feel blessed with my big bum. I sometimes joke that I not only have an E cup at the front but also at the back. My body is nicely balanced and I am happy about that. I personally believe that every woman (and man!) should embrace their figure both figuratively and literally: big, small, flat or fat bum.

But to be honest I don’t always feel comfortable when my bum is too obvious, especially when it comes to business occasions. When my husband tells me that I have a good ass in an outfit I guarantee you I will not be wearing that outfit to work, well maybe on days when I have no meetings planned but that outfit is definitely a no go when I am meeting clients. For me it falls into the same category as my decollete: I like to have it, but I don’t always have to flaunt it.


Skirts and Dresses

If you are the owner of a prominent behind but prefer not to draw attention to it, it is best to wear skirts or dresses. Apart from the very tight-fitting styles, almost all skirts ensue that your bottom is less noticeable. My personal favorite are A-line skirts. These are great for accentuating the waist as you don’t need to completely cover up your figure, but because the skirt is flared your bum is less noticeable. Moreover, this style is not constricting, leaving you plenty of room for movement, also important.

What I advise against is wearing a tight skirt made of thin fabric. This combination makes your derriere appear larger and more obvious. Might be a nice look for date night with your (bum-lover?) man, but not advisable when you want to appear professional and have your work take center stage. Simply put, it can be a distraction.



Of course, being the proud owner of a fabulous derriere does not mean you cannot wear pants. Want to draw attention to your behind? Then I recommend you wear pants with large pockets on the butt. The more details on the area the more the eye is drawn there. As with skirts, the same rule applies here, better to avoid thin fabric and tight-fitting styles.

Want to wear a thin top with your pants? Make sure they are not too tight at the back and go for a darker color. When wearing a colorful top or blouse attention is naturally being drawn to your top half.

Do you sometimes try to hide your derriere? Would love to hear your tips and tricks.




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  1. Thank you for sharing such good information – I think many will find it helpful. Many people think that big breasts are exclusively a virtue and don’t suspect that this may be the reason for low self-esteem. Yes, women are worried about the large size of these beautiful body parts no less than about the small ones. I think every woman should accept that she is beautiful no matter what size she is. But if this prevents her from living a full life, she should think about such modern methods as fat removal or breast reduction.

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