How to keep your shirt tucked in

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Personally, I always wear a shirt tucked in my pants. Mostly because I think it looks more decent. The tricky thing is that the (button-up) shirt or blouse sometimes has the tendency to ride up from your pants when you’re moving. Today I will share some tricks with you to keep your shirt tucked in. 


My tricks

I noticed that the tricks mentioned on the internet are usually focused on men’s shirts. But women have the exact same problem. Their shirts also tend to ride up from the pants. Therefore, I chose to share tips for both men and women. Even though there is a difference between a blouse and a shirt, I use the word ‘shirt’ in this article, for the sake of convenience. 

  • Buy a shirt that is long – This is very important when you want your shirt to stay in place. Unless you want to buy special tools, it is simply impossible to keep your shirt in place when it is too short. Personally, I think the length of a shirt is perfect when the widest part falls on my hips. About halfway your bottom. This way the shirt is long enough to stay in place, but not too long to end up with a ton of fabric in your pants. 
  • Wear your shirt in your underpants – Okay, I understand this sounds odd, but it really helps. Tuck your shirt not only in your pants, but also in your underpants, boxers or even your thongs. This keeps the shirt better in place. 
  • Stretch your arms when you tucked your shirt in – This creates more space between your body and your shirt. It makes it easier to move and it usually has a slimming effect. Because your shirt is not too tight on your body. 

 I also want to share a great trick for women who wear panty hoses under their pants. Wear your shirt in your panty hose. I know from experience that wearing your shirt in your underpants is handy, but it stays even better in place when you tuck it in your panty hose. However, make sure you tuck it in a panty hose that you can pull up to your waist. When your panty hose is lower, it will slide down and will move the shirt from its place. 


More tricks!    

And to conclude this article, I would like to share a video I found on YouTube. The video shows even more tips and tricks. It focusses mostly on men, but the tricks are also very useful for women. 

How do you keep your shirt tucked in your pants? 




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  2. Thanks for telling me to buy longer shirts than usual since its length would help to keep it in place. I like to tuck my shirts inside my pants as a form of a fashion statement, and it is usually my go-to outfit whenever I don’t have anything to wear for the university. It might be a good idea to check if the Paris Texas t-shirts that I saw has a longer length before buying them.

  3. My work has a business formal dress code and most days I wear a long sleeve button up business shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt with heels and stockings in the winter. some days I might wear slacks with a belt but this is essentially my uniform and being an office manager I like to look the part.

    One of the major drawbacks of this outfit though is that I sometimes find it really hard to keep my shirt tucked in all day. Sometimes I find myself re-tucking 3 times a day. being an office manager I do a lot of bending down and moving around and this can cause the shirt to slip out. I hate it when I realise that my shirt tail is hanging out the back of my skirt and probably has been for a while. Any suggestions are welcome, in the meantime I’ll try some of these tips.

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