What the colour of the Starbucks apron means

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Have you noticed that not all baristas at Starbucks wear the same colour apron? Mostly it is green but sometimes you see a black or even an orange one. This is not random. It is also not a case of the reserves being brought out when the green ones are in the laundry basket. No there is actually a meaning behind the different colours and Starbucks has finally revealed what they mean.

What the colour of the Starbucks apron means
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In addition to the standard green apron, more and more colours have been added over the years. Starbucks does this to celebrate certain holidays and other milestones.

In the early ’90s, the first black apron appeared. This is the colour for baristas that have completed the Coffee Master program.

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In 1997 they introduced the first red Christmas mugs and every location received two red aprons to be work by the baristas responsible for serving the Christmas drinks. Next came the blue apron for the launch of “frappuccino happy hour” and the winners of internal Starbucks competitions get to wear a purple or brown apron. The orange aprons are specially designed for The Netherlands and available to be worn on Kingsday.

In addition to colours the company often uses other symbols. For example, they have a badge with the American flag to show respect towards military personnel and their wives. Workers whose spouses are in the military wear such a badge. And in Malaysia a branch opened employing only deaf people. The name of the company is not printed in letters but depicted in sign language. So, with hand signals.

I really like way Starbucks uses different colour aprons. What do you think?





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