In which colour do you look the smartest?

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In my Dutch blog Prettybusiness, I wrote an article about the influence of colour. It was based on a study about job interviews and which colours make you stand out. But the UK based web shop Buy Shirts Online did some research on which colours can make you look more intelligent. So, which colour makes you look your smartest? And does men and women’s opinion differ on the subject?

In which colour do you look the smartest?


Smart? Job Interview? Date?

I nearly fell out of my chair! Research has shown that black is the best colour to wear when you want to appear intelligent. Black is not only ideal when you want to look smarter, but it is also the perfect colour for a variety of occasions. According to the survey, black is the best colour to wear for job interviews, funerals, and even weddings. People who wear black appear to be the most self-confident, intelligent and attractive. Well, we all want that, right? 

The research has also shown that men and women differ slightly in opinion when it comes to the colour black. 48 percent of women and 64 percent of men think black is the colour to wear when you want to convey confidence. Followed by red, white and blue. Pink, purple, yellow, green, orange and brown scored the lowest. You can take a look at the exact percentages in this report.



I think it is a striking outcome. According to research done by Careerbuilder wearing black conveys leadership and power. This sounds great at first, but beware, in certain situations, it could work against you. When applying for a support function this might not be the best choice of colour.

I am personally a big fan of the colour black. It is chic, always appropriate and looks stylish. And now it seems that I also look more intelligent when I’m wearing black. How great is this?

Do you wear black a lot? Were you aware that this choice is making you appear smarter? 





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