Which clothes do men find inappropriate for the workplace?

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The subject of what we think is suitable clothing for work has often been researched. But a recent survey in The Netherlands focused entirely on gentlemen. What does the ‘tougher’ sex have to say on the subject? What clothes do men find inappropriate for the workplace? What are they wearing for work and how do they feel about the rules?

Which clothes do men find inappropriate for the workplace?
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House of Einstein, an online service offering a personal shopping service for men surveyed 500 Dutch men about workwear. The group consisted mainly of business professionals and entrepreneurs.


Nice or Not?

It is said that nowadays men are becoming more and vainer and are increasingly buying clothes themselves. The results of the survey confirmed that men are shopping independently but 3% of the men said they let their parts choose their wardrobe. The vast majority said they feel better when wearing new clothes, but still, 60% feel clothes shopping is not fun and even find it horrendous. So, it is definitely not a hobby, but men are very aware of the impression that clothes give. Of the 500 men surveyed 87% said that wearing good clothes can have a positive impact on their career.


Biggest Mistakes

Men can also get irritated by a colleague’s dress sense. 89% of those surveyed reported being annoyed by certain clothing styles in the workplace but dare not say anything. They find the topic too intimate, a reason I often hear. Old clothes and inappropriate clothes can irritated colleagues at work.

Curious was men really find inappropriate at work? Here are the top five:

  1. Flip Flops – This does not surprise me. Previous research has also shown that flip flops are seen as totally unacceptable in the workplace. I have written an article on how this phenomenon is viewed in different countries.
  2. Cap – I have not seen caps crop up in any other surveys, but I can imagine why they would
  3. Shorts – I am not surprised that this item of clothing has made the list. Now I must say there are very different length shorts. I mean, how short is short?
  4. Hoody (sweater with a hood) – Half of those surveyed find hoodies inappropriate for the workplace.
  5. Sneakers – 25% are of the opinion that sneakers should not be worn at work.

 When it comes to trends men are most irritated by long t-shirts (think rapper style) and trousers with tears.


What are they wearing?

Almost half (42%) of those surveyed wear casual clothes to work. In second place with 38% wearing a business casual style. This means the men are wearing a tailored shirt with a jacket. Only 20% wear a suit daily.

Which clothing styles irritate you most at your workplace? Let me know in the comments below. I’m curious!



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