Summer Pantyhose Etiquette for Business

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Summertime has come around again. Many ladies are wondering whether they should wear pantyhose to work. Last year I asked my readers, via Linkedin, for their thoughts on the subject. The majority of people replied that they don’t find bare legs in the workplace a problem as long as they look well cared for.

But what is the official business etiquette regarding pantyhose in the summer months? I spoke with Anne-Marie van Leggelo, owner of Het Etiquette Bureau, about this.

Summer Pantyhose Etiquette for Business


Can you actually show up at work with bare legs in the summer?

“It should be fine with some employers, but going by the ‘business formal’ dress code etiquette it is not done. You should wear pantyhose in a formal business environment. Due to the heat, it is best to choose a thin pair. You have pantyhose starting at eight denier that you can wear in the warm weather.

But the most important thing, especially with skin tone and nude pantyhose, is that they match your natural skin tone. Otherwise, your pantyhose will stand out and the wrong color can also make your legs look chunkier. This of course is not the idea. I always recommend that ladies take their time when shopping for pantyhose, if you prefer to buy online it is still smart to first take a look at the pantyhose in a retail store.” 


What is the best way to deal with pantyhose when wearing open shoes?

“According to the official business etiquette you should not wear open shoes. So no peeptoe or open-heel shoes. If you have an employer that does allow open shoes I recommend you take good care of your nails and feet before donning a pair. If you want to wear pantyhose it is best to choose a pair with a seamless toe. You see these more and more these days. Wearing seamless toe pantyhose avoids those ugly seams around your toes when you are wearing open shoes.”


What else should we pay attention to?

“One of the misconceptions about pantyhose is that they are worn to provide warmth. Of course in winter this is the main reason for wearing a pair. But pantyhose were not created with warmth in mind. They are supposed to make our legs more beautiful, more flattering.

I would also like to point out that while it is useful to know the etiquette around wearing pantyhose. It is important to take into account the occasion or time of year when choosing a pair. For example, if it is above 86 degrees there are plenty of employers who have no issue with bare legs. If this is the case be sure to take a good critical look at your legs. Do they look well cared for? Then leave your pantyhose at home. Don’t think your legs are looking beautiful? Then stick with a pair of pantyhose. Ultimately your appearance is your business card and a pair of well-groomed legs are an essential part of this.”

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