Prettybusiness World is back!

I know you noticed it because I read your messages. Yes, Prettybusiness World has been on hold for the last few months. Not because I needed a break or was not in the mood but because there was no other option. It was due to the worldwide pandemic that we were all confronted with. I am of course talking about COVID 19.

Finally Back!

Due to the global pandemic, a large part of the economy was on shut down, and my writing assignments were either canceled or rescheduled.  I earn my living through, my Dutch blog. Writing about work clothes is my full-time job. Like many industries, companies that I work with had to tighten their belts, and this affected my paid assignments. This not only affected my income but had consequences for the people who are committed to Prettybusiness and Prettybusiness World.

I had to make choices and decided to put the translations for Prettybusiness World on hold. Karen, my translator, understood the situation, and we agreed to resume work on Prettybusiness World after the crises.  I am delighted to say that time is now! After a three month Corona break, we are finally getting back to work. From now on, every Monday and Wednesday evening you can expect a new article on this website about everything workwear related.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure.




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