The 5 most common office hairstyle mistakes

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When it comes to appearance, there are few things as difficult as choosing a hairstyle. There is a lot you can do with your hair, but not everything. You want it to fit your style, but also to be able to wear it both at work and in your spare time. So basically, choosing the right hairstyle is a challenge. I spoke to my hairdresser Jeroen Schultheis about this subject and asked him the 5 most common office hairstyle mistakes.

The 5 most common office hairstyle mistakes

1. Bad communication

A well-deserved spot on top of this list is bad communication, according to Jeroen.

“It often happens that customers in sweatpants come into the salon, wanting a new hairstyle. No problem, but I can’t really assess what someone would look like in the office. For regular customers I can, but not with new customers. That’s why it is very important that customers tell you what kind of work they do. Describe where you work, what job you have and most of all: what look you would like to have. Then the hairdresser can take that into account.

 Also, don’t use any terminology when talking to your hairdresser. Some people use certain terms without actually knowing that they mean. Furthermore, some terms can be interpreted in different ways. Try to describe what you want and what you have in mind. Terms often make it unnecessarily complicated. A good hairdresser will then also describe what he or she can do for you.”


2. Pictures

“Customers often bring along a picture from a magazine as an example for the hairdresser. They want the exact same hairstyle. But usually that is not feasible. First of all, a hairstyle depends on your hair type. If the person in the picture has very thick hair and you do not, the hairstyle will look different on you.

Secondly, people don’t realize how much work goes into a hairstyle. Models usually spend hours getting their makeup and hair done before a picture is taken. If you want the same hair, you’ll have to dedicate the same amount of time and many people don’t want to or simply can’t. Be aware of this.”


3. The bangs

“Many women want bangs, but don’t realize how much work it is to maintain them. Bangs need to be trimmed every 2 to 3 weeks. Otherwise they will hang in your eyes when you’re working for example. Or they cover your glasses. It’s better to choose a lock you can tuck behind your ears. Bangs are possible, but you’ll have to visit the hair salon more often.”


4. Office regulations

“Don’t forget your employer when you choose a new hairstyle. Some employers apply regulations for employees’ appearances. I know for a fact that KLM instructs women to wear a ponytail when their hair is shoulder-length or longer. In that case it is impractical to have layered hair. Strands will fall out of the ponytail and you’ll have to use bobby pins to keep everything in place. Not practical at all. In a situation like that I would advise you to choose one length for your hair.”


5. Dissatisfied with yourself

“Some people are insecure and dissatisfied with the way they look. When entering the hair salon, they expect the hairdresser to solve this with a new hairstyle. A hairdresser can accentuate certain parts of your face, but the low self-esteem cannot be changed.”



In short, I’d like to give you the following tips:

  • Tell a new hairdresser who you are, what kind of work you do and what kind of look you would like.

  • Don’t use terminology, but describe what you want.

  • Don’t expect hairstyles from magazines to be an easy option.

  • Don’t want to visit the hair salon every 2 or 3 weeks? Choose a lock instead of bangs.

  • Keep the regulations of your employer in mind and inform your hairdresser about them.

  • Don’t expect your hairdresser to take away your insecurity.



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