Tips for business-proof women’s hairstyles

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We know the importance of a good haircut on your overall appearance. But how much influence does it have on the work floor? Lois P. Frankel, author of the bestselling book Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, is the expert on this subject. After years of experience as a coach, business trainer, and leadership expert, she figured out why women do not always get the promotion they want so badly.

Tips for business-proof women’s hairstyles

Women’s attitude plays an important role here. But according to Frankel, the way they wear their hair is also a factor. Time for four tips from this leadership expert on women’s business hairstyles.

1. Playing with Hair

Frankel emphasizes that it is important not to fiddle with your hair while at work. Ladies with longer hair are sometimes tempted to “play” with it, for example, twisting the hair into a strand.

The leadership expert says that every time you touch your hair, it takes a year off your age. She does not mean that you look younger but less mature. And with that, your credibility deteriorates.

2. Updo

During an important presentation it is advisable to tie up the hair, says Frankel. She says that the stereotype of the serious librarian with her hair in a bun exists for a reason. Especially when the ends are dry or dead, it is important to put it up. Unkempt hair does not benefit your appearance.

3. Short Haircut

In the Netherlands, we have the well-known saying “a short, sassy haircut”. This usually refers to older ladies who have said goodbye to their long hair. Frankel believes that you should always cut your hair short when you get older. This mainly has to do with the skin, which loosens somewhat as we get older. Longer hair draws more attention to the skin.

Tips for business-proof women’s hairstyles
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4. Colored hair

Finally, Frankel believes that your roots should never be visible, and she also recommends investing in a good hairdresser. According to her, your hairstyle is an accessory that is part of your professional appearance. And that’s how you should treat it.

The leadership expert says that a good haircut suits your age, face, position, and the company where you work. Once you’ve nailed this, it is easier to impress your peers.

My Opinion

I partly share Frankel’s vision. When you tie the hair up, you do look more businesslike. Especially when you wear it in a bun. And playing with your hair doesn’t give a serious, businesslike impression. Also totally agree with this.

But cut your hair short just because you are getting older? I think that rule is a bit too short-sighted. Sometimes long hair can give you a younger appearance. Even if you are a little older, it can still look beautiful. And remember that everyone’s skin ages differently. But I 100% agree with her last bit of advice. Always look at your age, face, position, and the company you work for when choosing a hairstyle.

But don’t forget the personal side of the story. You should, of course, feel good about your hairstyle. To me, this is just as important.



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  2. Thanks for letting me know that tying my hair up can help me look more business-like. I have a scheduled job interview next week and would love to look presentable for my first try. It might be a good idea to visit a salon and try their styling services to ensure that I’ll look good.

  3. Long waves involve leaving your hair long and adding soft, flowing waves for a natural and effortless look. This style works well for both casual and formal occasions.

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  5. Freelancer: It’s interesting to see how hairstyle can be perceived in a professional setting. While I agree that maintaining a polished appearance is crucial, I also believe that personal comfort and confidence play a significant role. As a freelancer, having a hairstyle that aligns with both professionalism and personal satisfaction can boost self-esteem and positively impact work performance. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you in your unique professional journey.

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