3 tips: combine your glasses with business attire

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I have been wearing glasses for six months because I was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease. So I am pretty new to the world of glasses. And since writing about appearance at work is my job, I have, of course, been busy figuring this out. How do you ensure the glasses match your business outfit? In this article, I’ll give you three tips.

3 tips: combine your glasses with business attire


Don’t only pay attention to your face

About six months ago, I was in the opticians looking for the perfect pair of glasses, trying to choose from countless frames and colors. The salesperson kept giving me brown-tinted models to try on. They complimented my face and red hair, he thought. And I sort of agreed. This color made me look softer and more open.

I picked up a pair of black glasses, and he quickly pointed out that they made my appearance much harsher. My husband nodded in agreement. Even though I knew the guys were right, I still opted for the black frame. Because I quickly realized that there was an essential factor not taken into consideration during this process, and that was clothing.

Of course, the color of the frames should complement your skin tone, but your clothing style also plays a big part. In my case, I rarely wear brown clothes. In my wardrobe, black has been the staple color for years, and I alternate it with other dark colors such as burgundy, dark blue, and purple. Brown glasses do not go well with these colors and would not blend in with my style and also look distinctly ‘separate’. Whereas a black frame blends in perfectly with my wardrobe.

In short: don’t forget your clothing style when choosing glasses. Don’t just think about your casual wear, but also what you wear for work. For example, do you wear a uniform or a corporate suit? Then take the colors into account and go pick out glasses when dressed in your work clothes. Remember, your appearance is determined by more than just the face.


Matching your glasses

When you wear glasses every day, you have an accessory that you have to consider. It can be tricky choosing outfits because you are always bound to that one color perched on your nose. But it also has advantages. By playing with different combinations, the glasses can be a stylish addition to your outfit.

A simple way to make sure the glasses match your outfit is to wear a belt and shoes in the same color. Combining the belt with the shoes is a trick that many men use in the workplace. If you wear brown shoes, go with a brown belt, combine black shoes with a black belt, and so on. Think of your glasses as an accessory, just like your belt and shoes, which will tie your outfit together.


A powerful appearance

Want your face to stand out and to have a powerful appearance? Make sure that the clothes on your top half are the same color as your glasses. So if you have purple glasses, wear a blouse or shirt in the same color. Combine your shirt with trousers or a skirt in a more neutral shade such as gray or black. You can, of course, also opt for jeans. If your glasses mainly consist of a silver or gold frame, you can combine them with the same color accessories. Think of watches, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. By matching the tone of your jewelry with your glasses, you look styled and put together.

I am curious how you combine your glasses with your business outfit. Let me know below. It is nice to learn from each other and exchange tips.



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  1. One of my beauty challenges is a lack of eyebrows. I have literally tried everything except tattoos. So, to address the challenge, I wear oversized glass frames with clear lenses. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and price ranges. I call them “Posers” it is indeed fun to pair the glasses with my ensembles! I typically wear frames that compliment my facial shape , but sometimes I break the rules and just wear something fun. I call it “attitude dressing” . Just pull it off!

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