The cross stitch on split of your suit jacket

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You’ve probably seen it, the cross stitch on the vent of your suit jacket (the flap on the back). It’s usually located on the back of the jacket, exactly above your tail bone. Made of thin yarn, mostly in the same color as the jacket. But what is this stitch actually for?


The cross stitch on split of your suit jacket

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, please have a look at the photo below. It’s a picture of the cross stitch.   

The cross stitch on split of your suit jacket

This cross actually only serves one purpose, and that is to make sure your suit jacket is not wrinkled when you buy it. The cross stitch is added in the factory when the jacket is fabricated. The fabric of the vent is held together and then stitched with yarn in the form of a cross. This keeps the vent on the back of your jacket in place. Sometimes it’s not a cross, but an invisible stitch. In that case the vent is held together and stitched with only a couple of stitches.

The stitch is supposed to be removed when you start wearing the jacket. The vent is there to make sure the jacket fits well on your body. The vent on the back usually starts at the level of your tail bone and that is exactly the point where your butt starts. Without the vent, the suit jacket would be straight as an arrow and would start wadding up at the back.         

The cross stitch on split of your suit jacket

When you don’t remove it…

And that is exactly what happens when you don’t remove the yarn. The fabric will wad up and thus wrinkle on the back. Such a shame!

Personally, I get itchy fingers when I see people walking around with a cross stitch like that. Because your jacket will look so much nicer when you remove it. Removing it is also very simple: you can just cut the yarn with scissors. Are you on the way to an important meeting and you forgot to cut the stitch? Don’t worry, you can also break the yarn by pulling the pieces of the vent (carefully) apart. This type of yarn is very thin and will not rip the fabric of the jacket.

So do you have an important meeting? A job application or a presentation at work? Do not only focus on what you look like at the front, but also check the vent at the back.  



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  1. Wow! That is a nice bit of trivia. Now I will see those cross stitches everywhere because nobody knows this, heheh..

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