Plastic surgery to improve your job prospects?

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In China is has been happening for years: after completing university some students are undergoing plastic surgery to increase their chances of landing a job. Now, more parents are giving their children plastic surgery as a graduation gift. But what about The Netherlands? Are we ready to get our faces nipped, tucked or injected in the hope of landing our dream job? This was the topic of recent research…

Plastic surgery to improve your job prospects?


Plastic surgery to improve your job prospects?

The job vacancy website Nationale Vacaturebank asked an estimated one thousand people if they would consider getting cosmetic surgery to improve their chances of getting a good job. 73% of respondents found the idea of getting cosmetic surgery to improve their chances on the job market appalling. 10% of people reported that while they would not consider it they can understand people who do. 17% would not rule out a minor procedure. Further, 25% of people were of the opinion that it is important and 10% feel that appearances play no role.



I firmly believe that appearances play a very important role when you are actively searching for a job. Wherever you work you represent the company to outsiders. The importance of appearance is, of course, relative to your function and the type of company you work for. For example, if you are an employee at a cosmetic counter, a groomed appearance is more important than if you are working in an archive. I cannot say that I would never have any ‘work done’, you never know what life throws at you and how your opinions change over time. But the chances of me getting plastic surgery to get ahead in my career are slim. Personally, I find a groomed appearance to the more important than a pretty face.


Would you do it?

I would be lying if I told you that I have never considered getting cosmetic surgery. I know enough people in my circle that have had ‘a little work done’. Not necessarily for a job but because they want to improve some aspect of their physical appearance. From breast augmentation, pumping up lips, filling in wrinkles to the removal of excess skin. And most people who have had a procedure done are very happy with the results. It just goes to show you what is possible, and yes, I have at times looked at my face and pondered on what could be changed. I would love a tighter jawline and to get rid of my double chin, or slightly thicker lips. But the chances of me actually going under the knife is small. I am relatively happy with my appearance and am secretly terrified of complications. In my line of work my appearance is really important, but part of my mission with Prettybusiness is to be a role model and show that with tools such as make-up and clothes a lot can be achieved.


Would you consider plastic surgery to increase your chance of landing a great job?





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  1. I totally agree that appearances play an important role for people who are looking for a job, and this is the reason why I’m worried for my best friend She had gotten involved in an accident and her nose and mouth got really damaged. Maybe she can consult a surgeon and see if reconstructive surgery can bring back her old appearance.

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