Why I always wear dark colors at work

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For years I’ve received comments about the fact that I’m usually dressed in dark clothes at work, actually outside of work too. People often comment that I don’t wear much color. Actually I wear a color almost every day, but they rarely stand out. Of course, I don’t have to explain my choice, but I want to share it with you. Because there is a reason …

Why I always wear dark colors at work


The first and most important reason why I wear dark colors is laziness. I love clothes and combining them, but I don’t feel like putting endless colors next to each other in the morning to see if they match. Or even worse, putting on and pulling off.

For this reason, almost all the clothes in my wardrobe are dark. It’s much easier to combine dark colors than combine dark, bright, and light colors. Don’t get me wrong I like bright and light colors a lot, but I don’t choose these colors for myself.

For variety in my outfits, I prefer to combine different prints so the whole outfit ties together and looks nice. But those prints are usually in dark colors because it is easy.


Black as a base at work

One reason my outfits often appear dark is that I use black as the base color. No exaragation, I think I easily have ten pairs of black trousers in my closet. Long, short, plain, pinstripe, high and regular waist. This makes it very easy for me in the morning because everything goes with black trousers.

An alternative to a black base is gray. Hence the reason I also have several pairs of gray trousers I can combine in the same way.

Why I always wear dark colors at work

In the image above, on the right side, you see the colors that I use the most: dark green, dark blue, burgundy red, and dark purple. On the left side, you see my basic colors, which mainly consist of black and shades of gray. Sometimes I use white or off-white as a color for adding details, such as a pearl necklace.


Business and practical

Another reason I wear dark colors is that dark colors generally look more businesslike and classic.

But I also think that dark colors look better on me than light colors. I am not a color expert, this is purely my opinion and of course personal taste. I don’t like light colors with my light, white skin. Oh yeah, another important reason for me, stains are more visible on light fabrics. You only know me from my articles and the person in the photo. But believe me, I am messy and a bit of a klutz who often spills …


Why I always wear dark colors at work

Finally, my hair color is an important reason to wear dark colors. The color comes off during the first few weeks after dyeing it. So half the time I am more or less obliged to wear black tops.

Enough reasons to wear dark clothes!



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