Disney employees can now have tattoos

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Relaxing the dress codes seems to be a growing trend in the workplace. Even Disneyland, one of the strictest employers when it comes to dress codes, has changed the rules. For example, the new policy allows Disney employees to have a tattoo. But it goes beyond that…

Disney employees can now have tattoos
Photo: Kon Karampelas – Unsplash

Colored nails also allowed

By giving more room for personal expression, the organization hopes that both employees and guests feel welcome. They have adjusted the dress codein four areas.

  1. nails

Previously, employees’ nails not only had to be clean, but they also had to be neutral. Only neural nail polish was permitted. The company has now scrapped this rule. From now on, vibrant colors are allowed, provided that every nail is the same color. Nail length should not exceed six millimeters, they measure this from the tip of the finger.

  1. jewelry

With jewelry, neutrality has always been paramount. The new rules leave a little more room for personal expression. Bracelets are allowed, provided they are no wider than 2.5 centimeters, they close, and are in good condition. They may also wear bracelets with charms if the charms are no longer than 1.7 centimeters.

Watches with minimal decoration may be worn. A necklace is allowed, provided it does not distract from the costume and a pendant of no longer than 2.5 centimeters is permitted. Different styles of earrings may be worn, as long as the gold or silver matches the costume and the whole earring is no longer than 2.5 centimeters. Also, you may wear one ring on each hand.


Disney employees can now have tattoos

  1. hairstyles

 Disney no longer distinguishes between male and female employees when it comes to hairstyles. Hair must be clean and well maintained. When the hair is longer than shoulder length and can fall in the face, it should be tied up when working. Colored hair is allowed, provided it is a natural shade. 

  1.  tattoos

Finally, the ban on tattoos has been lifted. Visible tattoos are allowed as long as they are not on the face, head, or neck. Tattoosmust be no larger than the employee’s handwhen fully extended with the fingers held together. If you have a larger tattoo on the arm, you can cover it with a long-sleeved shirt. In addition to size, there are also rules regarding the tattoo itself. Tattoos with naked images, insults, inappropriate or discriminatory language are not allowed.

There are many companies these days that are relaxing their dress code without giving it much thought because they assume the employees know how to dress. With their new dress code, Disney shows how you can give space for personal expression without losing sight of the vision and goals of the company. Chapeau!



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