Wearing suspenders as a woman: 7 styling tips

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It’s been more than four years since I wore suspenders for the first time. Since then I have not let go of this accessory. I keep adding to my collection. I often get questions from women who would also like to wear suspenders. So to help you get started, here are some ways you can wear suspenders as a woman.


1. Nice and basic

The most simple combination is wearing suspenders with plain pants and a blouse. It’s an outfit that never looks out of place, hence the reason it’s a staple in my wardrobe. By matching the color of the suspenders with your pants, you immediately look taller.


2. With a jacket

If you would like to try suspenders but don’t want them to be too obvious, it’s best to wear a jacket over them. This is also a perfect solution if you don’t want to wear a belt with your suit. The outfit looks calm and your pants stay in place.

3. Formal bow tie

The combination of a bow tie with suspenders can look very formal. In the photo below, I have to admit that I look like a butler. But this is still a timeless combination that will not look out of place on more formal occasions.

4. Elegant Necklace

Of course, wearing suspenders does not mean that you should leave your jewelry at home. Adding a necklace immediately makes the outfit look more feminine. Just make sure that you reflect the color of the necklace in your clothing. Otherwise, the outfit can look too fussy.

5. A cozy brooch

At the top of this article, you see a brooch on a jacket. But of course, you can also wear it on your blouse. The same applies here as with the necklace: make sure that the color complements the outfit. In the photos above and below, I’m wearing a red rose combined with a red and white striped blouse.

6. Tie it

Didn’t I mention the tie? How is that possible? Just like the jacket, the tie is a classic combination with suspenders. Because the two accessories sit close to each other, I advise you to opt for contrasting colors. As they are made of different materials, it is (almost) impossible to find them in the exact same colors.

7. The print

Prints are an ideal way to make an outfit with suspenders look playful. You can opt for a blouse or pants with stripes to make you look taller. If you want a more classic look, then a check pattern is a good option.

If you want to wear several prints together, make sure that the colors match. Otherwise, it can quickly give a somewhat busy and chaotic appearance.

You can also choose to opt for suspenders with a print. A stripe, dot, or other pattern immediately makes your outfit pop. Just be sure to keep the rest of the outfit as plain as possible.

My last tip is to just do it. Gives suspenders a go for a day or two. Get creative with your combinations. After all, the days when suspenders were just functional and boring are far behind us.




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