New uniform for Flair Airlines

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After a long troublesome time because of the pandemic, the aviation industry is finally moving again. The number of flights is increasing and so is attention to uniforms. In June, the Icelandic company PLAY offered their staff a new gender-neutral uniform. Now it’s time for Canadian airline Flair. In this article, I’ll tell you all about it!


The old uniform

Before we look at the new uniforms, let me show you the old ones.

I find the old range very dull. Black suits combined with white shirts, we’ve seen it all before. Light green scarves and lanyards were the only distinguishing features. This is hardly unique, and it looks a little cheap. But of course, Flair is a budget airline focusing on no-frills and low prices.


New uniform for Flair Airlines

The new uniforms are gender-neutral and designed by the aircrew. Flight attendant Shannon Towler believes the new clothing reflects the company, clear and simple, also out of the box. According to Towler, this aligns with Flair Airlines’ mission to bring style, flair, and freedom of choice back to the airline industry.


New uniform for Flair Airlines

Fascinating, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I see the new clothes. The range looks very conservative. Gray trouser suits and pencil dresses are, of course, as old as the hills. And again, we see the same white shirts and blouses. The scarves have changed from black and green to green and purple, also not very exciting. And flair is something I certainly don’t see.

But on a positive note, the company has opted for a gender-neutral approach. Every employee can choose what he/she wears. Sadly, this is not reflected in the press photos. We don’t see a man in a dress or a man in heels and a woman in flats.


Step in the right direction

PLAY’s new uniforms are a bit more imaginative. Their collection includes flexible garments such as T-shirts and sweaters. These are items that have a bit of stretch, making them wearable for both men and women.

Still, I don’t want to judge too harshly; the clothes look neat and presentable and, the freedom of choice is something I can only applaud. After all, we live in 2021, and the world is changing. Not everyone feels comfortable in the gender assigned to them at birth. I see this collection as a step in the right direction. But as we see in this collection, it is a work in progress.




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