3x flat shoes under a skirt

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One of the questions I’ve received a lot over the years is how best to wear flat shoes with a dress or skirt. Many feel that only a pair of heels works. I get it, I also like to wear a pair of heels under a skirt or dress. But not everyone can or wants to walk in heels. And flat shoes can also look great. In this article, I’ll show you three different combinations you can wear to work.


Which flat shoes under a skirt or dress?

First, it is important to determine which flat shoes look best under a skirt or dress. Do you like to wear sporty and trendy sneakers? Or are you more of a romantic ballerina or elegant loafer type of girl? I especially love the last category. In my opinion, loafers are the perfect shoes if you want to look presentable at work without compromising on comfort. When you wear them in a neutral color, they are also simple to combine.

3x flat shoes under a skirt

For the past few weeks, I have worn the above loafers from the brand Lemaré. And I have to admit that I have fallen in love with them. Not only are they a great fit, but they look amazing with trousers, skirts, and dresses. Time to show off three outfits!


In one color

One of the easiest ways to wear a pair of flats with a dress or skirt is to wear everything in the same color. In the photos below, you see that I’ve combined a black skirt with a matching T-shirt and my black loafers.

3x flat shoes under a skirt
3x flat shoes under a skirt

But everything in the same color can get a bit boring, so I advise you to combine different fabrics and accessories. That is why I opted for a pleated skirt that consists of two parts: a transparent outer layer and a dark underskirt. Combining this with a cotton T-shirt and leather loafers creates a playful effect. The gold details on the shoes are reflected in my earrings.


Longer legs

Want to look a bit longer? Then combine the black loafers with black tights. This combination makes your shoes immediately less noticeable.

With the gold-colored waist belt, I draw attention to the dress. The gold details match the buckles on the shoes.

With a print

Do you like to wear prints? Then I advise you to combine these with a pair of neutral, flat shoes. By bringing the color of the shoes back in an accessory, the whole look fits nicely together. I chose a belt for the outfit below, but this could also be a black necklace or bracelet.

3x flat shoes under a skirt
3x flat shoes under a skirt

Do you ever wear flat shoes with a skirt or dress? What are your tips?



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  1. In my point of view fashion is what you like to wear. Its no any hard and fast rule to wear the traditional footwear every time. Just decide how you feel comfortable and do whatever you want to do.

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