I wore this to the office in November 2021

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It’s already time for a new overview of my November outfits. In this article, I’ll show you what I wore to the office. I’ll give tips on how to wear winter sweaters and pink in a businesslike way. I also tell you how you can combine prints and make a basic outfit chic. And I have a super nice new and durable accessory that I want to show you. I’m curious what you think.


Pink at work?

Let me start with the color pink. It’s a soft color that you will not regularly see in the workplace. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.

Pants Greiff* | vest The Sting | shirt Cavallaro | tie Amide Hadelin* | shoes Zalando

As you can see in the photos above, I combined a blouse in this color with dark blue. By wearing pink with business colors and accessories such as a tie, it suddenly looks very different. It makes a formal outfit a lot softer and more accessible. Moreover, it is also nice to combine this with red details, so that the pink suddenly looks a bit more red.


Sweater upgrade

Are you a chilly person and also fond of warm sweaters? I feel you. Unfortunately, warm sweaters often look very casual.

Pants Tricorp* | shirt A Fish Named Fred* | sweater Nimbus* | necklace unknown | shoes Zalando

My ideal solution to make it look a bit neater is to wear a nice blouse underneath. When you choose a blouse with a print, the sweater is suddenly a lot less noticeable. Add a nice necklace and the sweater disappears completely into the background.


Combine prints

I notice that people often find it difficult to combine prints. Although I like to do it, I sometimes find it difficult myself.

Pants Tricorp* | shirt Suitable* | vest Superstar | tie stropdassenwinkel.nl

That’s why I have two rules for myself when I combine prints. First of all, I don’t combine the same prints. In this case, I combined a floral print with a woven pattern. In addition, I try to have the color of one print reflected in the other print or another item of clothing. In the photo above I did that with the tie. Although the tie is not exactly the same color as the pants, they come close together.



Voila! This is my new accessory that I love so much!

Pants Promiss | vest Steps | shirt Nimbus* | bag Ideal of Sweden* | bow Untie* | flower stropdassenwinkel.nl* | shoes Zalando

This is the Untie, a bow made from an old tie. I have been following the company of the same name on Instagram for a while and last month I was allowed to pick one. I thought it was a cool concept, but since I received it I fell in love instantly. If you want to see more of this tie, check out my unboxing video on Instagram.


Flowers it is

Just like the color pink, flowers are also a handy way to make a formal outfit a bit more accessible. This can be done with a floral blouse or a brooch. And of course with both!

waistcoat/pants Shae* | shirt Cavallaro | flower stropdassenwinkel.nl* | shoes Omoda*

Layered necklace

If you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, take a look at your long necklaces.

Pants Mart Visser | shirt Cavallaro | shoes Dolcis | necklace unknown

Long necklaces can often be easily combined, as I have done in the photos above. Solid black pants and a blouse immediately look a lot nicer this way.

What do you think is the best outfit from November?





*This article contains one or more products that I have received from a brand or company. The items I have received are marked with an asterisk (*)


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