3 multifunctional grooming supplies for the office

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I can still see my colleagues’ raised eyebrows when I opened my desk drawer. Or when I opened my locker while they were standing next to me. Because I was always the one with a stash of things that no one expected, but they often came in handy. I am the type that, especially when it comes to my appearance, likes to be well prepared.

3 multifunctional grooming supplies for the office
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1. Clear nail polish

The funny thing about clear nail polish is I keep it handy at work but rarely use it for what it was made for. Namely, to paint your nails. I always have at least one small jar in my desk drawer in case I get a snag in my tights. It slows down the laddering process.

Sometimes your blouse or shirt is made of a supple fabric, and the buttons tend to open easily. Applying clear nail polish to the thread of the buttonholes makes them stiffer and keeps them in place. You can also use the same clear coat to stop shoelaces from fraying.


2. Hairspray

Although I don’t use hairspray very often, I always keep a small can in my desk drawer.

  • When my hair is a bit flat, I hang my head upside down and apply at the roots.

  • To prevent fluff, I spray some hairspray on my hands and then work it through my hair.

  • When my hair is really beyond saving, I pin it up with a bobby pin and spray hairspray over the hairdo.

You can also spray hairspray on your tights to strengthen the yarn and on the bottom of your shoes to make them less slippery. Do the latter a little more often to ensure that your soles are really stiff.


3. Cotton Buds

I’ve only had a box of cotton buds at the office for a few months and seriously wonder why I only started doing this now. It’s very convenient. Cotton buds are for cleaning your outer ear. And yes, of course, you can use them for this. But these little sticks have many more uses.

You can use them to give your keyboard a thorough clean. I often do this when I’m on the phone. As strange as it may sound, you can also get your nails well cleaned up with cotton buds. You can do this dry, but it works even better with a drop of water on the cotton wool. It is an excellent method for people with sensitive and weak nails. The cotton wool cleans gently and does not damage your nails, whereas regular tools often do.

Finally, I must not forget to mention make-up stains. Because nothing is more convenient than a cotton bud when your mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner has run a bit.


Which items do you use in the office to keep looking good?




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