M&S Christmas sweater is a hit with female priests

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When you think of a priest or minister, you probably picture someone in a long robe. Often in black, sometimes combined with elegant embroidery. But this is no longer the dress code in many churches. In 2021, casual clothing gained popularity with church employees. With this year seeing a special role for the M&S Christmas sweater.

M&S Christmas sweater is a hit with female priests

M&S Christmas sweater is a hit with female priests

The popular sweater is black and adorned with the word ‘believe’, printed in large colored letters. Although the designers at Marks & Spencer probably couldn’t have predicted it, the popularity of this Christmas sweater makes sense. We can interpret faith in different ways, but it is usually strongest within the church.

Under the hashtag #teambelieve, several photos of British female priests proudly showing their sweaters are circulating on Twitter and Instagram. The Bishop of the Church of England has even called it “the new uniform of the clergy.”

Need a Believe Christmas sweater?

A spokesperson for Marks & Spencer has said that the sweater is doing very well. “After another tough year, our designers and customers have embraced optimistic and feel-good messages, with ‘fabulous’ and ‘believe’ both proving to be very popular, as the #TeamBelieve messages show.”

If you also want this cute believe sweater, it is still for sale via the Marks & Spencer webshop. And also good to know you are immediately hip and trendy for only 26 euros!




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