Tips for business attire if you have a large bust

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It is not always easy to find smart clothes for the office when you have a large bust. Many blouses gape and jackets are often difficult to close. This is partly because a lot of business clothing is made for ladies with few curves. In this article, I give tips for business attire if you have a large bust.

Tips for business attire if you have a large bust
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1. Buttons on your blouse

Gaping blouses is one of the biggest irritations when you have a larger bust. I have found that it is best to buy a blouse with the buttons close together. The more buttons in a row, the less room the blouse has to open.

Do you have a nice blouse in the closet with buttons that are not close together? The one with buttons that open all the time. Then there are roughly three options:

  1. You only button the blouse around your stomach area and wear a t-shirt underneath. In principle, this can be done with any blouse. The disadvantage is that it often looks less neat and emphasizes your bosom even more.
  2. You sew the buttons on the blouse closed. That way, it doesn’t get a chance to open. You can only do this with a model that is made of a very stretchy fabric. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get it over your head.
  3. You close the open buttons with a safety pin. This is the tactic I use the most. It’s an easy way to close any blouse neatly.

On the blouse on the left, you can see that the buttons are close together. The chance that they will open is small. The buttons on the blouse on the right are further apart. It is best to wear a t-shirt underneath, as it is see-through. You can choose to wear it closed at the bottom or use a safety pin at the bust.


2. The right bra

Besides the right blouse, it is also very important that you wear a good bra. One that fits well also ensures that your breasts stay neatly in place. There’s nothing more annoying than running from one meeting to the next while your ladies are bouncing in all directions.

That is why I recommend that you have your bra size re-measured regularly. In addition to fluctuations in weight, your age also influences your size. My weight has remained stable for years, but my size has changed. And that often happens without you realizing it.

It is important to wear a bra for a while before purchasing several. Sometimes you think you have found the ideal bra in the fitting room, but after a few days, it turns out not to be as good a fit as you first thought. I’ve experienced this many times, and it is a waste of your money. Once you’ve found the ideal bra, see if there are several colors available. Especially in the summer, it’s nice to wear a lighter color under light summer clothes.


3. Move the focus

Do you feel your colleagues focus more on your bosom than on your face? Then try to move the focus by using accessories. For example, wear a pair of beautiful earrings, a short necklace, or a stunning brooch. This draws attention to your face. And that comes in handy when you’re telling a story ;-).


Do you also have a slightly fuller bust? What are your best tips?





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  1. For many women with large busts, it is quite difficult to find suitable, elegant clothes for themselves. Thank you for sharing these tips! I think many will find them helpful.

  2. You are right it is not easy to find proper clothes for me as I am a big woman with 300 pounds. Summer constantly tests my patience. I have to suffer boob rashes, and it is not easy for me to work in the kitchen in august.

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