The best business dresses for fall

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We have been able to enjoy the summer for a long time this year. But now autumn is definitely upon us. Time to put away the summer clothes and make way for cozy items. That doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to pretty dresses. I’ve researched a few business-proof models for you. These are the best business dresses for fall.


With a collar

The best business dresses for fall
Dresses with a collar | All from the brand Opus

Do you have difficulty determining what makes a dress suitable for work? Then look at the details that make it business-like, for example, a collar. A dress with a collar immediately reminds you of a shirt or blouse. The advantage is that the collar neatly covers your neck, so there is no chance of anyone getting a peek in. Want to make this type of dress more business-like? Then combine it with black or dark blue boots and a matching waist belt. These colors immediately give the outfit both a business and feminine look.


Shirt dresses

The best business dresses for fall
Shirt dresses | All from the brand Geisha

You can also opt for a shirt dress. This is simply a shirt, but a longer version. The great thing about this type of dress is that you can do many things with it. Because of the often thin fabric, it works well in the summer with a nice heel underneath. During the rainy fall months, you can wear it with a pair of sturdy boots and (thermo) tights. Still feeling the cold? Then combine it with a cardigan and a beautiful necklace.


Dresses with a turtleneck

The best business dresses for fall
Turtleneck dresses | Both from the brand Geisha

Of course, there are always ladies who find the fall too cold to wear a dress. Have you ever considered a turtleneck dress? During casual Friday, you can easily wear a long version. Want to look even more presentable at work? Then go for a model that falls to the knees. Wear a nice belt at the waist, a pair of elegant boots and a blouse. What? Yes, I recommend you wear a blouse in a contrasting color underneath. Roll the turtleneck down a little and pull the collar up. The same goes for the sleeves: roll them up a bit and show off those cuffs! Cuffs and collars are the way to dress up even the most casual garments without getting cold. How nice is that?

What are your go-to fall dresses for work?



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