SkyUp Airlines flight attendants swap pumps for sneakers

SkyUp Airlines has been all over the news for a few days now. The reason? This Ukrainian airline has given its flight attendants a new look, a new casual uniform. The shoes are a hot topic of conversation. Because they are far removed from the standard flight attendant footwear…


Nike Air Max sneakers

We are used to seeing flight attendants in black or dark blue pumps. Until recently, SkyUp Airlines flight attendants also sported these. But they have now traded in their traditional pumps for cool Nike sneakers. White Nike Air Max 720, to be exact.

Left: the new uniform including white sneakers. | Right: the old uniform with black pumps.

SkyUp Airlines flight attendants swap pumps for sneakers

SkyUp Airlines flight attendants swap pumps for sneakers

The new uniform and shoes are the result of an internal survey commissioned by the airline. They discuss this in more detail on the website

” The interviews with flight attendants were the starting point for working on a new image: a modern girl with an active life. A champion who works for team results and shows respect for herself and her health. So we decided to replace the shoes with sneakers,” said SkyUp.

The company indicated that Nike Air Max was a conscious choice. This sneaker is ergonomic, has high cushioning and resilience, and made from 75% recycled materials.

Even more changes

The uniform has also changed. Previously, you could choose between a trouser suit and a skirt suit, but now skirts are no longer available. This might have something to do with the somewhat coarser sneaker. It probably won’t look great under a skirt suit.

The blazer has changed from single-breasted to double-breasted, something I can appreciate. It is less standard and therefore nice to see. I just don’t know if the curvy ladies will appreciate this too. A double-breasted jacket often only looks good when you wear it closed. It does not fall as good when open because of the amount of fabric, and ladies with a fuller bust often like to wear their jackets open. Because ready-to-wear rarely takes a large bust into account, the buttons can make you feel restricted.

In addition to clothing and shoes, they also revamped personal grooming. From now on, the ladies no longer have to wear hats and can choose from different hairstyles. In terms of make-up, they must adhere to the established color palette. The eyeshadow should contain a combination of light blue and orange, which is sunset-inspired. The rest of the make-up should look natural.


A step in the right direction

While I’m not a fan of the suit or the sneakers, I can’t help but champion this development. In 2021, women are still forced to work in heels, so every company putting an end to this is a step in the right direction. I just hope that someone will develop elegant sneakers for flight attendants in the future. Because these don’t exactly win any beauty prizes.




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