Clothing tips for when you apply for a job at a sustainable company

In the past, sustainability was something that only interested a select group of people. For example, I attended a Waldorf School (Rudolf Steiner College), where people are tuned in to nature. Here in The Netherlands, these people were often referred to as goat wool sock types. Not surprising, because at the time, many were wearing this kind of thick, self-knitted sock. Nowadays, being aware of nature is applauded. Because more and more people are rekindling their connection to nature, goat wool socks have long ceased to be the hallmark of a nature-friendly lifestyle.

Clothing tips for when you apply for a job at a sustainable company
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This also means that more people choose to work for a company that makes conscious, nature-friendly choices. But what do we need to know when applying to these types of companies? Have the goat wool socks made way for another clothing trend? In this article, I share three clothing tips to keep in mind when applying for a job at a sustainable company.


1. Conscious brands

You may not be aware of the clothing brands you wear, but your conversation partner might be. There are plenty of people who recognize a brand’s clothing even without seeing a logo. And every brand has an image that may or may not include sustainability. So wearing fast fashion brands such as Primark, H&M and Zara is not such a good idea.

It is better to wear a clothing brand that (frequently) uses recycled materials and takes care of its factory workers. By consciously choosing certain brands, you show that sustainability is part of your DNA and what you stand for.

Tip: the Fair Wear Foundation website contains a list of sustainable clothing brands and their approach.


2. Do your research

Do you have a shirt in your closet that is made from PET bottles or other recycled materials? Then this is your opportunity to make a great first impression. If your conversation partner says something positive about your shirt, you can immediately tell the story. Also, don’t be afraid to bring it up yourself. For example, when asked for your ideas about sustainability, you can use your clothing as an example.


3. Don’t forget the basics

Whatever you wear, you must look well-groomed and think carefully about what suits the company and the position. A customer-facing position requires a more representative appearance than a job where you don’t see any customers. Are you unsure of what is appropriate? Then check out the article I wrote about how you can use social media to research a company’s dress code.


Applying for a job at a sustainable company?

Are you looking for a job at a sustainable company or do you work at a sustainable company and are looking for staff? Check This website offers a variety of vacancies at conscious companies. You can find permanent employment contracts, part-time positions, internships, and freelance assignments.

Have you ever applied for a job at a sustainable company and adjusted your clothing accordingly?





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