5 tips for representative socks at work

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We often pay little attention to them, but in the meantime we cannot live without them. I’m talking about socks. Often hidden under trousers, but they are sometimes visible when sitting. And therefore part of your outfit. How do you ensure that they look nice and neat at work? And also match your outfit? It’s time for an article with 5 tips for representative socks at work.

5 tips for representative socks at work
Foto: Rosie Sun – Unsplash

1. Sort the socks

First of all, it is important that you separate the socks you wear at home and at work. Maybe you are a cold person and therefore love thick, woolen socks. No matter how comfortable they are, they are less suitable for work if you wear low shoes. Wool socks tend to pill quickly and are therefore not very representative.

I therefore recommend that you make two baskets or drawers: one for the neat socks and one for the socks that you wear at home. This way you don’t have to look for your work socks in the morning.


2. Old socks

Just like thick, woolen socks, old socks are also not very representative. As soon as the sock starts to shine through, starts to fluff or has holes in it, it’s time to say goodbye to it. My advice is to throw them away immediately. This way you avoid missing out when you go to work.

Do you still like this old sock? Then wear them at home. Or wear them in a pair of boots where you don’t see them. It’s such a shame when you wear a nice outfit to work and when you sit down those old, worn socks come out.


3. Go for quality

Would you like socks that stay beautiful for a long time? Then buy them from a brand that specializes in this. No matter how attractive large value packs may seem, they will get old quickly. As a result, you constantly have to buy new socks to look neat at work. It’s better to spend a little more money so your socks stay beautiful longer.


4. Match

In addition to the quality of the socks, the color is just as important. In general, the rule is that your socks match the color of your shoes. So black socks with black shoes and brown socks with brown shoes. You don’t have socks that match the color of your shoes? Then go for a color that appears elsewhere in your outfit. For example, think of black socks with gray shoes, combined with a black blazer. This way the whole thing fits together well.


5. The unusual sock

Do you have no interest in matching socks and would you rather go for a crazy color or print? Of course, that can also be a good way to show your style. Then keep in mind that these socks must also look good. No matter how cheerful the print or color is, it still won’t look nice if the fabric is worn.

What are your tips for representative socks at work?




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