3 clothing tips for when you work behind a desk

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When you dress in the morning for a day at the office, you often find yourself in front of the mirror, even though in practice, you mostly spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. What are the pitfalls regarding clothing and accessories, and what can you do to avoid them? In this article, I’ll provide 3 clothing tips for when you work behind a desk.

3 clothing tips for when you work behind a desk
Photo: Christin Hume – Unsplash

What kind of desk?

Before I delve into the tips, it’s important to first consider what kind of desk you have. Whereas in the past, you would typically sit behind a wooden desk with four legs, nowadays it’s quite different. You now also have adjustable desks where you can stand or even cycle on a cross-trainer. However, for this article, I’ll focus solely on appearance tips for people who primarily sit behind a desk.


3 clothing tips for when you work behind a desk

1.Avoid noise and irritation

You might have already noticed in the photo in this article. You see someone behind a laptop wearing bracelets. No matter how nice they may look, I advise against wearing them when you’re working behind a desk, especially not in the presence of your colleagues. Bracelets can generate unnecessary and sometimes annoying noise, especially when they’re large or have charms attached. Since you’ll be moving your hands over the desk a lot, there’s also a high chance of damaging the desk with them. Conversely, the desk surface can also damage your jewelry. In short: try to avoid bracelets as much as possible.

If you still want to wear them, opt for a thin variant without charms or beads. These types of bracelets make little noise and you can easily tuck them away under your sleeves when they bother you.


2. Three-quarter sleeves

Just like bracelets, your cuffs can also be bothersome. Some blouses or jackets have a row of buttons that can rub against the desk surface while working. Therefore, it’s useful to have a few shirts and jackets in your closet with three-quarter sleeves. This way, your arms are covered, but your wrists are free to move.


3. Buttonhole gaps

One of the most common mistakes in office clothing is wearing a blouse that’s too small. When people buy a blouse, they often stand in front of the mirror. However, when you’re standing, you can’t see how it fits around the body once you’re sitting behind a desk. And because you’re sitting, your stomach may protrude a bit more, causing the buttonholes to gap. Suddenly, that beautiful blouse doesn’t look so nice anymore.

My advice is to grab a stool in the fitting room. Sit on it and then see how the blouse looks. 

What are your clothing tips for people who work behind a desk?

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