6 tips for wearing a business blouse at work

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For those who like to look neat at work, a blouse is often the go-to choice. It’s a timeless piece of clothing and therefore one of my favorite items to wear. Sometimes with suspenders, a tie, and on cold days, with a smart jacket on top. But how do you keep a blouse looking nice? What are the most common mistakes, and how do you ensure that it stays neatly in place? It’s time for an article with 6 tips for wearing a business blouse at work (for women).

6 tips for wearing a business blouse at work


1. Perspiration Troubles?

Many people say they don’t like to wear a blouse because sweat marks are quickly visible on it. I know this problem, especially in summer, it can be bothersome. Therefore, it’s best to wear a printed blouse. Or actually, any neat clothing with a print. Because this applies to pants, skirts, and T-shirts as well. Perspiration is simply less noticeable on fabrics with a print. Preferably choose a print with medium to dark colors. With light colors, the chance of seeing sweat marks is higher.

2. Please, take a seat

It’s something I’ve seen very often: buttons about to burst as soon as someone sits down. I always think that the person tried on the blouse in the store. Nicely, standing in front of the mirror. That’s how a large part of people buy clothes. However, the problem is that standing in front of the mirror doesn’t show you how the blouse looks when you sit. And that’s exactly what people in the office often do: they sit all day. That’s why I advise you to find a stool in the fitting room in addition to standing in front of the mirror. Sit on it, preferably in front of a mirror. Look closely at how the blouse looks then.


3. Making the blouse bigger

I can imagine that the above tip may come as a shock. Maybe you recognize yourself and have several blouses in the closet that are secretly a bit too small. No problem, you don’t have to throw them away right away. There is a way to make a blouse slightly larger. You can do this by loosening the darts at the back. This makes the blouse a bit roomier without losing its fit immediately. The darts at the front also ensure that the blouse remains tailored. Want to know more about this method? Check out the article I wrote about it.

4. Washing and drying

If you want to enjoy a blouse for a long time, you must treat this garment with respect. The way you clean and dry it plays an important role here. I recommend washing a blouse at thirty degrees or even on a delicate cycle as much as possible. After washing, don’t throw it in the dryer, but let it air dry on a hanger. The dryer can unnecessarily damage the fabric. A hanger helps the blouse maintain its shape. Want to dry it a bit faster? Hang it in the sun or near a heater.


5. Layering with a T-shirt

Do you have a nice blouse, but do you find it a bit too casual or too busy for work? Then wear a T-shirt over it. This way, only the collar and possibly the cuffs are visible. Are you curious how I do this? Check out the article I wrote about it. There you’ll see examples and read more tips on wearing a T-shirt over a blouse.

6. Blouse riding up

Have you ever had a blouse that rides up during the day? You definitely don’t want that. A blouse that you tuck into your pants should stay there. To prevent it from coming out, I first recommend buying a long model. Preferably a blouse that falls over your hips. Because the longer, the easier it is to keep it in place. Additionally, it’s wise to tuck the blouse not only into your pants but also into your panties. This way, it’s not under one but two layers of fabric. And thus, it sits tighter in your pants.

I hope I’ve helped you a bit with this. If you have any tips for wearing a business blouse, please leave them below. That way, we can all learn from each other.

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