Complaints about Taiwan Railway’s new uniform

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The employees of the Taiwanese railways have received a new uniform. The gray suits were launched due to a new management approach. Taiwan Railway Corporation has been under state control since January 1, 2024. But the government has overlooked one important aspect of the uniform. And quite a controversy has arisen because of it.

Complaints about Taiwan Railway's new uniform
Photo: Taiwan Railway Corporation

Complaints about Taiwan Railway’s new uniform

To a foreigner looking at the new uniforms, nothing unusual would be noticed. The staff wears gray suits with gold-colored details, a common sight in corporate attire.

But in Taiwan, the uniforms are recognized differently. They bear resemblance to the formal military uniforms of North Korea. Given the image of that country, the new uniforms were not well received. The video below shows the details that match.

Soon, videos and photos with the comparisons went viral. Alongside the similarities, there’s criticism of the color. People feel that light gray does not convey authority. Passengers believe a darker color would be more fitting.

Taiwan Railway Corporation responded promptly, stating that they did not draw inspiration from North Korea for the uniforms. They argue that the suits don’t resemble each other and didn’t anticipate the uproar. The railway company also emphasizes that the gray uniforms will only be worn during holidays. On other days, employees will be recognizable by their current dark blue suits.


Misstep or misunderstanding?

Seeing the suits side by side, I understand why people see similarities. But that’s quite common with formal uniforms. How often do you see gray, dark blue, or black suits at service-oriented companies? These types of garments are popular, as are the gold details on the fabric. Therefore, I don’t believe the railway company made a misstep or could have foreseen this situation.

What do you all think?

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