This is the new and colorful uniform of Air India

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The staff of Air India is currently receiving a new uniform. According to designer Manish Malhotra, the new clothing is a combination of culture and traditions with a modern character. I think it looks very good! In this article, I’ll show you the old and new uniforms. I’m curious to hear what you think.


The old Air India uniform

The old stewardess clothing package mainly consisted of blue and red fabrics with many decorations and traditional details. In my opinion, the clothing looks a bit outdated, but it is representative.

The pilots’ suits are also neat but not very special.


This is the new and colorful uniform of Air India

The new uniform is designed by the Indian couturier Manish Malhotra. The couture background is clearly visible in the details as well. They wear a combination of various shades of red and purple, combined with golden buttons and badges. The ombré saris (the fabric draped from the shoulder downwards) and color combinations are a reference to Indian culture.

This is the new and colorful uniform of Air India
This is the new and colorful uniform of Air India
This is the new and colorful uniform of Air India

The female senior staff wears an aubergine blazer, which, according to the press release, should exude authority. For the juniors, there is a bright red variant, emphasizing youthfulness.

In addition to the clothing, the stewardesses also receive a bag and pearl earrings. The shoes are not clearly visible in the photos, but they are block heels in black and bordeaux. The male pilots receive standard black lace-up shoes, and for the ladies, there are black boots.

This is the new Air India uniform
cabin crew Air India

Soon, the ground staff, engineers, and security personnel will also receive a new uniform.


Mixed feelings about Air India uniforms

I think the new uniforms look beautiful. The different colors and golden details make it look fresh and unique. And that’s exactly what these kinds of uniforms should do: they should be distinctive and representative. I love it!

What stands out is the fact that there are no male stewards visible in the press photos. Does India Airlines not have them, or is it expected that men wear the same as women? Also, there is no mention of how sustainable these clothing items are. And that is, to put it mildly, striking. We live in an era where we are aware of the impact we have on the planet. It has been common practice for years in corporate clothing to explain where the fabrics come from, what happens to the old and new clothing when it is discarded. Often, a charity is sought for the old textiles, or a company chooses recycling.

“Sustainability and quality are the cornerstones of the design and production process of these new uniforms. All fabrics and garments are proudly sourced from India and custom-made.” This is the only information the airline provides about how the clothing is made. Otherwise, we are left in the dark.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that the end result looks fantastic. Now let’s hope the story behind this clothing is just as good.



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