New accessories for Eurostar staff after Thalys merger

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Travelers on Eurostar trains may have already noticed that the staff looks different. Due to the merger between the high-speed train service and Thalys, it was time for a new appearance. And they tackled it in a clever and sustainable way. In this article, I’ll tell you all about it.

New Accessories for Eurostar Staff after Thalys Merger
Staff with new accessories | Photo: Eurostar

In October 2023, a shift occurred in the transportation sector. The services of Eurostar and Thalys were merged and continued under the name Eurostar. To differentiate between the routes, the name Eurostar Blue is used for trips between Amsterdam and London, and Eurostar Red for other areas. These colors are also reflected on the trains themselves. Additionally, the company launched a new identity, website, app, and loyalty program.


New Accessories for Eurostar Staff after Thalys Merger

Although the company continues under the same name, they wanted new uniforms. But if you want to do that properly, you need to take your time. The clothing is expected to be ready by 2025.

To ensure that the staff’s appearance matches the new identity until then, they chose to adjust the accessories.

The old accessories for Eurostar and Thalys staff are shown in the photos below.

Old Eurostar Staff Accessories
Old Eurostar staff accessories | Photo: Eurostar
Old Thalys Staff Accessories
Old Thalys staff accessories | Photo: Eurostar

All 2,100 uniformed staff members will receive new, unisex accessories. The package consists of ties, scarves, name badges, and lanyards in the colors navy blue and plum. The items were designed in collaboration with 80 ambassadors. One of the important details is the ‘spark’, a star-like emblem visible on the ties.

New Accessories for Eurostar Staff after Thalys Merger
Staff with new accessories | Photo: Eurostar
New Accessories for Eurostar Staff after Thalys Merger
Staff with ‘Spark’ on the tie | Photo: Eurostar

Eurostar has a sustainable plan for accessories.

To minimize the ecological footprint, Eurostar chose to produce the accessories locally. Thus, the scarves are made in France and the ties in Italy. The old items will be donated to a fashion school in London, where students will make clothing from them.

While every company nowadays claims to value sustainability, Eurostar shows that you can stay true to yourself. They had the accessories made in areas where their trains pass through or are close to. Even the discarded items end up in an area where Eurostar is active. The idea of temporary accessories is certainly much more sustainable than a temporary clothing package. They have thought this through well.

Although the press release does not mention where the fabrics come from or whether the new accessories will be reused, this is a step in the right direction. I just hope they won’t, like many companies nowadays, also launch unisex uniforms in 2025. Ties and scarves are something completely different from clothing that needs to fit the body. Once the designs of the new uniforms are known, I will definitely share them here.

What do you think of the new accessories?

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