4 cosmetic tips for online job interviews

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More and more companies nowadays opt for online job interviews. It saves time, which is quite convenient. As a candidate, you naturally want to look your best. But what should you consider when applying makeup? In this article, I’ll provide 4 cosmetic tips for online job interviews, for both women and men.

4 cosmetic tips for online job interviews
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1. Check the camera

When you’re getting ready for your job interview, you might be inclined to immediately stand in front of the mirror. However, for an online interview, it’s better to first turn on the camera. Your interviewer will get to know you this way, and via the webcam, you might look slightly different. So, take a moment to look at yourself through the camera. How sharp is the image, and how do you feel about your appearance?


2. Good lighting

The next step is lighting. You can apply as much makeup as you want, but without proper lighting, no one will see your masterpiece. Therefore, it’s handy to have your computer near a large window. Natural light is the best. Always make sure you have a lamp on your desk, and if possible, multiple lamps. You never know when the sun might hide behind the clouds during your interview. Tip: nowadays, there are special ring lights that you can attach to your phone or webcam. These provide beautiful light and are quite compact.


3. Well-groomed skin

When people think of makeup, they often think of women. However, did you know that more and more men are wearing makeup nowadays? Research has shown that since the pandemic and the increase in the number of video meetings, men are more frequently searching for makeup tips on Google. Concealing redness, acne, and dark circles are especially popular search terms. When it comes to cosmetics for online job interviews, it’s best to focus on your skin. A full coverage foundation or powder is not excessive. You can easily conceal imperfections and prevent a shiny forehead. However, be careful to choose a color that matches your natural skin tone. A tan face with a white neck looks a bit odd.

Do you have beautiful skin but feel a bit pale? Then, use a large brush to apply a bit of bronzer to your face. Focus on your cheeks and the sides of your forehead.


4. The natural look

Do you want to accentuate certain parts of your face in addition to having beautiful skin? You can go wild with eyeshadow or bold lipstick, but this can quickly become distracting. Therefore, I recommend applying the same products you use for your skin as eye makeup. Think of using bronzer, for example. Use a thin eyeshadow brush and wet it. Then, apply a bit of bronzer as eyeliner on your eyes. You can also use a wider brush to apply bronzer to your eyelids. This creates a natural shadow that accentuates your eyes.

If you prefer to go all out with makeup and can’t get enough, focus on your lips or your eyes. When you heavily apply both, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, opt for a bold lipstick color or a bit more eyeshadow. Balance is key.

Do you have any makeup tips for online job interviews?

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