The 5 worst style mistakes at job interviews according to HR managers

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If you start searching the internet for job application tips you will come across loads. There are countless articles about the do’s and don’ts. But what do the experts think? Well, this has been researched. And here are the 5 worst style mistakes women make at job interviews according to HR managers….

The 5 worst style mistakes at job interviews according to HR managers


The research

The British retail chain Debenhams interviewed more than 2,000 HR managers about the worst ‘style crimes’ they have come across in job interviews.

  1. Chipped nail polish – According to research this ‘style crime’ is number one. Around 24% of HR managers get irritated about this. The reason? Because it makes the interviewee appear nervous and ill-prepared. To be honest, I get it, I am also the type of person who only thinks to check my nails at the last minute and for this reason. I have often worn no nail polish or a very light colour when going for a job interview. It is too easy to chip your nail polish on route and then hard to do anything about it when you get to your interview.

  2. Split ends– according to the survey, this is number two on the list of no’s. Now I am curious how many of the surveyed HR managers are women. I personally think that this is something that only women would be quick to notice. Then again whether someone looks neat or not will be noticed by both men and women.

  3. Smudged mascara – This is the nightmare of every woman going for a job interview. Yuck, smudged mascara is the last thing you need!  My mind jumps to someone getting caught in a rain shower but according to the respondents smudged mascara gives the impression that you are a party animal. I would feel worse about this than a few split ends. But that is only my opinion.

  4.  Fake brown colour – The question of whether this is a ‘style crime’ or not depends on the job function. I guess there are enough jobs where a brown glow is appropriate and goes with the job.  On the other hand when I think of orange brown skin a la Trump this is definitely a no go.

  5. Very bright lipstick – So this is another ‘crime’ high on the list. I will not wear bright lipstick myself as I am worried it will smear or stick to my teeth! I get why it does not look professional. According to the HR managers, people who wear very bright lipstick come across as being power-hungry.

What strikes me about this list is the mistakes are mainly focused on makeup. I think there are worse ‘style crimes’. I am thinking along the lines of perspiration, sweat stains, and a stinky breath but perhaps these cannot be classified as style crimes and fall under personal grooming. 

What do you think is the worst ‘style crime’ on this list? Let me know!  Look forward to hearing from you.






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