Tips for buying (work) clothes with autism

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Autism and buying clothes do not always go well together. I know that from experience, because I helped my autistic brother shopping for 15 years. Maybe you have autism, or you are helping someone with autism buying clothes? In that case there are certain things you can do that make shopping a little easier. That’s why today I’m sharing tips for buying(work) clothes with autism. 

Tips for buying (work) clothes with autism
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  • Make sure that you bring a list with clothes you need to buy. If you are accompanied by someone, it could be smart to check your wardrobe together beforehand. Just so that this person knows what is already in your wardrobe and he/she can anticipate to that. Discuss whether there is a difference between work clothing and clothes you wear in your spare time. This person can also provide feedback on certain combinations with the clothes you already own.

  • Avoid stress, especially when you hate shopping. Make sure you take your time and that you know exactly where to go. Not only check which stores you’d like to visit, but also how to get there and in what order you want to visit them. This gives you peace of mind.

  • Once you know what stores to visit, take the shopping list you made and check the websites of the stores. That gives you an idea of what kind of clothing is sold there and whether it fits your style. And of course, whether they actually sell what you are looking for.

  • Before you go out, check the labels of the clothes in your wardrobe, so that you know what size you are. Your size may differ per store of course, but it saves you time if you have a guideline. 


During shopping

  • Good preparations avoid stress, but also the time of shopping is essential if you want to make it a smooth experience. Go out shopping during a quiet shopping evening or during a weekday in the morning. Most of those times the shopping streets are quiet, and it avoids unnecessary overstimulation. Do you only have time on weekends? Make sure you are on the doorstep when the store opens. The later, the busier the street gets. Keep this in mind. 

  • Avoid stores with loud music. This is a huge distraction. Also stores with large spaces and bright lights are not ideal. 

  • Reward yourself with something nice after shopping. For example, finish your shopping day in a store that makes you really happy. Think of stores that sell products that are related to your hobby or interests. You could also reward yourself with something nice to eat. 

  • Try to stick to the plan and route you came up with before you left.


Do you have autism, or do you go out shopping with someone with autism? I’m curious to hear if you have any other tips and tricks. Please let me know.




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