Why employees in perfume stores set a good example

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If you take a moment, you can probably think of a few professions in which people don’t look well-groomed. A little messy or even trashy. But there are also professions in which people generally look very classy and well-dressed. In my opinion, ladies working in perfume stores take the cake when it comes to appearance. In this article I will tell you why employees in perfume stores set a good example and what we can learn from them.

Why employees in perfume stores set a good example
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Employees in perfume stores

Of course, appearance is an important part of their job. And you could think that it’s just very logical they take good care of themselves. But I don’t think it is. I can think of many professions in which people deal with appearance, but are not good at grooming themselves. I often see clerks in clothing stores – both male and female – looking a lot less professional. But no, ladies in perfume stores almost always look well-groomed. And yet they always keep being themselves.   

In some perfume stores, female employees are like pieces of art. I always think it’s amazing to see. They indulged in the newest lipstick colors and they think wearing fake lashes is just as easy as applying the perfect eyeliner. These are all things that make me feel awfully boring all of a sudden, but also make me admire these ladies.

And then there are some stores I know where the women have mastered the art of looking makeup-free. While of course, they are not. Layers of powders and foundations are involved and yet they look like this is how they got up in the morning. Ladies, kudos! In their own way, they all look perfect and they all make it seem perfectly normal. Well, if that’s not a source of inspiration…


A good example

In know enough professions that deal with greasy and oily things that leave stains. And in those cases, we consider it normal that these people are covered in stains. But women in perfume stores deal with oily products and ointments every single day. Do you ever see a stain on their clothes or face? No, they make sure they look flawless. And that’s their standard. Don’t ask me how they do it, it seems like a huge challenge to me…


Do you need any help?

Obviously, also customer service should not be overlooked. I know that not everyone is a fan of clerks that offer help, but it is polite. And these ladies are certainly polite. Walking into a perfume store without getting greeted and offered help? It’s never happened to me. Always a friendly smile and always willing to help. Now, that’s nice for sure.

A low bow to all the ladies working in perfume stores. Perhaps you think we don’t notice you, but it has intrigued me for years. Every single time I step into a store like this.     



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