Clothing of a truck driver is decisive for image

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According to the Dutch transport and logistics sector, truck drivers have a poor image. The profession is often associated with smoking men wearing clogs. Just like in any profession, clothing also contributes to the sector’s image. But what do truck drivers actually wear? Is a tracksuit the most comfortable when sitting for hours? Or something else? I delved into it.

Clothing of a truck driver is decisive for image
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What does a truck driver wear?

What a truck driver wears depends on many factors.


Firstly, it depends on the company the driver works for. Some companies provide company clothing with a logo, while others provide a budget for drivers to buy their own clothing. In some cases, the employer leaves the choice of work clothing to the driver and does not reimburse it. However, this may not always be the case. When it comes to safety, the employer is obliged to take measures and offer any protective clothing or accessories.


Safety plays a crucial role for truck drivers. They often start loading materials early in the morning. When it is dark, they are required to wear clothing to ensure visibility even at such times. In this case, the EN ISO 20471 comes into play, the standard for high-visibility clothing. This standard is divided into three categories. Depending on the amount of fluorescent fabric and reflective stripes needed, the clothing falls into class 1, 2, or 3. Class 1 has the lowest requirements, while class 3 has the highest.

Additionally, special shoes may need to be worn. Think, for example, of steel-toed shoes that protect the feet. Lastly, it is important to consider the type of goods being transported. When dealing with chemicals, special clothing for this purpose may also be required.

Personal preference and truck type

When the rules are less strict, truck drivers have more room for personal preference. Some are inspired by the type of truck they drive. For example, drivers of new and used IVECO trucks. There is a lot of clothing available with the logo of this Italian company on it. Think of jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, and caps. This way, your clothing also matches the brand you drive.

Clothing of a truck driver is decisive for image

It is clear that there is plenty of choice when it comes to work clothing. But what is wise to wear? What clothing and accessories are both comfortable and representative? Here are some tips.

  • Truck drivers often wear a so-called trucker cap. This resembles a baseball cap. The material is what sets them apart. The baseball cap is usually made of cotton alone. The trucker cap consists of padded foam at the front and mesh for the rest. This way, the cap provides cooling in warmer temperatures. You can, of course, opt for a standard color like black. However, for appearance’s sake, it is nicer to choose a color that matches your clothing or your truck.
  • As I mentioned earlier, truck drivers can sometimes suffer from hot weather. Therefore, it is important to wear breathable clothing. Cotton shirts, but also special moisture-wicking clothing, are very comfortable in such cases. This is not only pleasant for the driver but also for the appearance. Nobody likes a shirt full of sweat stains. Not to mention the accompanying odor. When it comes to pants, it is important that they not only fit well but are also sturdy.
  • A good pair of jeans with reflective stripes, if necessary, is therefore a good choice. These can withstand a lot and ensure that the legs are clearly visible when the driver steps out at night. Therefore, sweatpants are not recommended. They may be comfortable to sleep in during breaks but are less suitable for work.
  • Finally, there is one detail that is often overlooked: socks. In addition to good shoes, it is important for the driver to wear socks that do not sag. Because nothing is as annoying as a sock that you have to pull up repeatedly.

Do you have any clothing tips for truck drivers? Leave them below. I’m curious!



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